At my signal, unleash a $3 VHS cassette.

So, browsing one of the local flea-market/yard-sale type groups on Facebook, I discovered this post…

Gladiator on VHS for sale. Only $3.00 American!

Gladiator on VHS for sale. Only $3.00 American!

As you can imagine because I’m blogging about it, many questions came to mind.Β  It’s hard to even know where to begin.

We’ll start with the obvious.Β  Who would pay $3 for a VHS cassette of any movie, let alone this movie?Β  I mean Gladiator was a good film… butΒ here is a shortlist of better values available online…

This is just for physical media. Β I didn’t even look into streaming. Β I get that not everyone is set up to stream and that some people (myself included) like to put their hands on physical tangible media.

Who has a working VCR?Β  OK.Β  I do, but I’m odd.Β Β It’s a VCR/DVD-recorder, and someday I will transfer all of my VHS tapes to DVD (which is already a dead format).Β  Who is still watching video tapes?Β  I mean, watching the old 4:3 aspect ratio drives me nuts these days.

The other side of this… who goes through their stuff, decides they can part with this, and assigns a $3 value to it? Β I mean, I could see if this was a collector’s item. Β I have Star Wars on VHS and I’ll probably have it forever, but The Gladiator? Β  Sure, it was a good movie… but not that good. Why were they even still making video tapes in the year 2000?

What do you need that badly that costs $3? Β This wouldn’t be worth the gas money or the bus fair to meet someone to make theΒ sale.

I have been strapped for cash, but never would think to list what essentially amounts to garbage for a negligible value on a Facebook flea market group. Β If this sells, I really have a lot of stuff that I need to be listing for under $5 amounts.


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