We finally hung the sign on our #BeanHouse. πŸŒ±

Did you read about our #BeanHouse?

I was able to get some matte clear-coat spray this week and hit the sign a few times, although this stuff seemed to soak up the paint like a sponge. Β We just used some particleboardΒ from an old dresser drawer. Β It was the perfect size. Β I did the marker & colored the beans, the rest was all Molly.

Molly also got a tomato plant Β from her Grandma BB, so we planted it right out front. Β We tried the fork trick there too to deter bunnies, but if I remember right they’re not huge fans of tomatoes. Β You never know what else is out & around either.

We also put out some organic bloodmeal to provide nutrients and hopefully deter critters. Β  Molly reminded me to put down grass clippings because they hold moisture.

I was thinking about putting out some cinnamon to keep the rabbits away too. Β I just saw that coffee grounds keep away snails. Β Do you have any other tipsΒ & tricks that seem to have worked for you in the past? Β We did use garlic clips last year. Β They seemed to work, but we did have a few incidents of snacking on our peppers.

No beans sprouting yet, but our Spanish onions just popped from seeds we planted a while ago.


3 thoughts on “We finally hung the sign on our #BeanHouse. πŸŒ±

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