Some of our favorite #ElfOnTheShelf setups this year…

The kids were really into Jovie-Belle, their Elf on the Shelf, this year.Β  These are a few of my favorites. Post your favorites in the comments! (I have a bunch on Pinterest too… some appropriate, some not at all.)














We didn’t get crazy creative every night, but the kids really made a big deal about finding her every morning. Maybe next year we’ll get a second elf and have some more fun.

2 thoughts on “Some of our favorite #ElfOnTheShelf setups this year…

  1. I loved them all and I loved following them along on Instagram!!! πŸ™‚ They were all SO cute! I especially loved the guitar ornament, where did you find it?! Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your awesome family!


    • Thank you! The kids made it fun this year.

      I don’t remember where we got the guitar ornament, but I know it was part of a set. I think there were 3? We have quite a few guitar ornaments on the tree for some reason. Ha ha.


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