I still have a guitar problem.

I have posted lists before.ย  Some, I have acquired.ย  Some I still yearn for.ย  These three keep popping up lately, and I have no viable reason to purchase another guitar and it saddens me.



All fit my criteria of sub-$500 axes, all well under.ย  Usually I don’t go over $300.ย  I like them weird, and I like the cheap.ย  If I could monetize some weird guitar videos on YouTube, I could maybe buy more.ย  Watch my videos!ย  Share the link!



They would go well with my collection:

Sadly, that collage is not even up to date with all of the stringed instruments in the house. I should do another group photo.ย  I even need to grab back a project axe off of a friend!

One thought on “I still have a guitar problem.

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