Cleanliness and awesomeness at Market District in Robinson

…Next and more importantly, I noticed the employee that handled my order. She told me that she’d be with me as soon as possible while she handled the order for the people in front of me. I had no problem waiting, but the acknowledgement of my presence was a great start. You can’t imagine how many people behind a food counter will just ignore you, and how such a simple thing as a hello makes all the difference.

New BBQ Joints?

Well, you probably know I like barbecue. I’m a big fan, and I’m always willing to try out new places. Well, new places that don’t have shrimp or other deathfish on the menu. I’ve scoped out the web sites three places I haven’t tried… perhaps they’re rather new? Can anyone tell me if they’ve been to any of these places & what they think?

Allergen Signage

Over the weekend I was at two places where I saw these allergen signs, the Dunkin’ Donuts in Dormont, and the Giant Eagle in Parkway Center. Generally when I see these signs it makes me happy that the place who’s taking my money is at the very least aware that there are products that they have on the premises that may cause certain people some discomfort or possibly even death…