Panera responds to my insanity, so I write back…

…The noted lack of condiments has me even more concerned about the yellow thumbprint that was on the top of my sandwich. I had just assumed it was some of the condiment that was supposed to go on the inside. I ripped this portion out of the top of my sandwich before eating, to the bewilderment of my eye-rolling yet tolerant-to-my-neuroses wife.

I’m not a catering service.

Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while. One day, a phishing spam caught my eye and I had to torment them a bit. I have no idea where they get my email address. Must be bots or I’m on a list I guess. Also, I have no idea why they think I’m a catering service.

All we wanted were some crayons.

I really feel like we were nothing but polite and reasonable up until we were denied crayons, and we remained polite and reasonable immediately after that whole exchange. That seems like an absolutely insane sentence for one adult to write to another. Do I have a valid point, or am I just super way out of line here?