A food order for the 22th of December, eh?

Well. Mr. Simson & Ms. Baker have some competition in the grifter circuit. Seems all these scam artists really like chicken Caesar products. I’d still like to know how they got my email & why it’s associated with ordering food. Mr. Smith would like to throw his hat into the ring:

Top 25 Albums?

My cousin recently made a Facebook post asking for your top 25 albums. No restrictions. Just the thought that 25 is easier, yet more difficult than a top 10. is interesting | Please, share yours in the blog comments.

Guns N’ Roses – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

I’m sparked to write about Guns N’ Roses because I see that they’re finally eligible and nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While I realize that the rock and roll hall of fame arguably has been, is, and will continue to be a sham for a small group of critics to fawn all over themselves… The fact exists that it’s there, and it happens.