Bob Evans’ Follow Up

After posting my recent tale of insanity during a Bob Evans visit, I received some almost immediate follow-up from Nate Riggs via Twitter DM: nateriggs – Eric – I work with Bob Evans. Saw your blog post. Would you shoot me your email so I can help make this right? 🙂 nateriggs Thanks. Ill email […]

All we wanted were some crayons.

I really feel like we were nothing but polite and reasonable up until we were denied crayons, and we remained polite and reasonable immediately after that whole exchange. That seems like an absolutely insane sentence for one adult to write to another. Do I have a valid point, or am I just super way out of line here?

Tipping is not a city in China

“Tipping is not a city in China” always struck me as amusing since the first time I saw it written in sharpie on a piece of paper and taped to the tip jar residing at the Misfits merchandise table in the late 90s or early 2000s… But let’s talk about tipping for real. I need your input on tipping waitresses, your barber, pizza guys, and anyone else who gets a tip! I just really find the subject interesting and I’d like to get a discussion going in the comments here. (I fully expect my friend Laurel to rant here in the comments, please don’t let her do it alone! Let’s engage in intelligent discussion.)

Boston Market is ready to battle.

“I’m quite glad that you’re interested in the catering battle-royale! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any takers from the Panera Bread camp. In fact, I believe their policy is to ignore my emails from now on, or that I have been perhaps stifled by their in-house spam filtering system. I haven’t received so much as a ‘thanks for your interest’ or even a ‘please stop emailing us.'”