Turner’s is much more awesome than Galliker’s. I’m just sayin’.

Not only does Turner’s produce better Iced Tea, but they’re infinitely more awesome as a company.  As evidence, I give you the following email exchange.  You might want to catch up by reading my previous exchange with Turner’s and an attempted exchange with Galliker’s. From me to Turner’s: from ERiC AiXeLsyD <world.and.lunar.domination@gmail.com> to Nicholas@turnerdairy.net date […]

Cleanliness and awesomeness at Market District in Robinson

…Next and more importantly, I noticed the employee that handled my order. She told me that she’d be with me as soon as possible while she handled the order for the people in front of me. I had no problem waiting, but the acknowledgement of my presence was a great start. You can’t imagine how many people behind a food counter will just ignore you, and how such a simple thing as a hello makes all the difference.

Biliruben Is the Secret

Salutations Savvy Sustenance Science Scholar Staff!

I write to you today with something that has had me perplexed for quite a while. It was recently suggested to me that you would be the the ones with the most knowledge and best skill set to deal with my query. I of course, thought that this was a splendid idea… which is why I’m (obviously I guess) writing to you now.