Sloppy Joes (Cheap Quick Manwich Copy Cat Recipe)

I already blogged about the yinzer Sloppy Joe made with chipped ham. ย This is the more traditional one. ย It’s less barbecue-y than the BBQ pork n’ slaw sandwich I blogged about though.


How yinz make your chili? ๐ŸŒถ [Chili ร  la AiXeLsyD “Recipes”] ๐ŸŒถ

Yinz like chili? ย I do. ย I haven’t made any for a long time. ย I may need to change that. ย I stole this (& modified it) from my never-used Cookpendium blog. ย My writing has hopefully improved since then. ย Maybe not. ย I like a tamer chili that would appeal to a wide variety of people to add heat as they like. ย I like it thick enough to make a spoon stand. ย I can take or leave the beans, and I reject your debatable elitist visions of chili or what it ought to be.

I ought to try and make a new batch using only stuff I buy at Aldi.

How do you make yours?

Those Other Stuffed Peppers

I like these better than the more traditional meatball w/ rice stuffed in a green pepper & covered in spaghetti sauce or tomato soup. For some reason, I can dig the rice & ground meat mixed… but I do not like rice in meatballs. The red, yellow, & orange peppers are very sweet too. I like them more than the green ones. Also, if you mention that you like your peppers stuffed with sausage, you can just close this tab and move on.

#MeatballSub #Recipe

So, I’ve been hungry for meatball subs. They’re so simple to make, but we just never seem to do it at home. I shared the photo on social media, because I’m weird like that and it annoys people, and some people seemed to dig it. wanted to share how easy it was with a minimal amount of effort.