Sloppy Joes (Cheap Quick Manwich Copy Cat Recipe)

I already blogged about the yinzer Sloppy Joe made with chipped ham. Β This is the more traditional one. Β It’s less barbecue-y than the BBQ pork n’ slaw sandwich I blogged about though.


How yinz make your chili? 🌢 [Chili Γ  la AiXeLsyD “Recipes”] 🌢

Yinz like chili? Β I do. Β I haven’t made any for a long time. Β I may need to change that. Β I stole this (& modified it) from my never-used Cookpendium blog. Β My writing has hopefully improved since then. Β Maybe not. Β I like a tamer chili that would appeal to a wide variety of people to add heat as they like. Β I like it thick enough to make a spoon stand. Β I can take or leave the beans, and I reject your debatable elitist visions of chili or what it ought to be.

I ought to try and make a new batch using only stuff I buy at Aldi.

How do you make yours?


Non-Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Please, let me know if you tried your own inspired by this one. Let me know if you do your own a totally different way. Let me know what I did right, or let me know what I did “wrong.” Thanks for reading!


Those Other Stuffed Peppers

I like these better than the more traditional meatball w/ rice stuffed in a green pepper & covered in spaghetti sauce or tomato soup. For some reason, I can dig the rice & ground meat mixed… but I do not like rice in meatballs. The red, yellow, & orange peppers are very sweet too. I like them more than the green ones. Also, if you mention that you like your peppers stuffed with sausage, you can just close this tab and move on.


#MeatballSub #Recipe

So, I’ve been hungry for meatball subs. They’re so simple to make, but we just never seem to do it at home. I shared the photo on social media, because I’m weird like that and it annoys people, and some people seemed to dig it. wanted to share how easy it was with a minimal amount of effort.


A food order for the 22th of December, eh?

Well. Mr. Simson & Ms. Baker have some competition in the grifter circuit. Seems all these scam artists really like chicken Caesar products. I’d still like to know how they got my email & why it’s associated with ordering food. Mr. Smith would like to throw his hat into the ring:


I hate public bathrooms.

I hate public facilities for other reasons than the obvious…



Shame on you, “Shine From Yahoo!.” Shame. On. You.


Beer Chips, Yuengling Lager Sauce, & La Choy Teriyaki Sauce.

Don’t worry, it’s not a recipe.

This is for my wife. Why? Because usually, she hears this rant every time I have to make a trip to the grocery store. Perhaps, in writing it here (and to Giant Eagle), I’ll refrain from telling her my feelings for the 4,397th time.

Submitted today, via contact submission form on the Giant Eagle website: