So, the beans on our #BeanHouse are sad. 🌱

This is the most growth we have gotten on the #BeanHouse, and it’s riddled with bug holes. Next year we may start with full plants or try some other type of vine.


So, we built a swing set…

I encourage you to tackle a project as a family. I encourage you to get kids outdoors. I encourage you to not be afraid to give young kids some tools with a bit of guidance and a lot of supervision. I encourage you to get them into building, gardening, cooking, and the business of imagination.

🚧 🚗🏁 Backyard Race Car Track & Fairy Garden Construction! 🧚🌱🚧

So, on Labor Day this year, we labored.  We finally got around to pouring cement for the Backyard Race Car Track, and we started a Fairy Garden.

I have been sitting on the race car track idea for a while, and wondering what to do landscape-wise around the one small tree in the back.  We recently got some fairy garden furniture stuff as a gift… so we thought that would be a cool second (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th?) backyard play-space.

Zombie Apocalypse Playlist?

So Ultimate Classic Rock came up with a Zombie Apocalypse 2012 Playlist (in “honor” of the face-eater in Florida). Great idea. OK list. Granted, the name of the site is Ultimate Classic Rock, but let’s add some more zombie songs.

Our weekend of dining in PA Dutch country

Well, if you’ve been keeping up, you read about my plan for our trip, what we did on our trip, and maybe even the email from the Amish Village owner.  This one’s all about the food.  We ate a lot while we were out that way, but we didn’t hit the regular buffet/smörgåsbord places like Miller’s or […]