A-Maze Mug

Thanks for your interest! I will update this soon, but please go to the Ci3 Apparel website if you would like to purchase an A-Maze Mug! Check out all my mazes if you’re interested too! Check out these insta feeds for my mazes: @amazemug @mymazes

Fight Fire With Fire

This is how I have been responding to spam lately. The original: From: Onain onainreddy@aol.comDate: 2/5/21 7:27 AM (GMT-05:00)To: world.and.lunar.domination@gmail.comSubject: Why Not Host your Web Site With Us! Hi world, “You can get a premium look on your website with a minimum effort.” If you are looking for the new website design, then please share […]

Guitar-Related Facebook Forum Bingo!

I’m a simple man. When not enjoying real-life things like family time, noodling poorly on the guitar, drawing mazes, or watching some funny or sci-fi-ish stuff on the TV, I enjoy reading things on the internet. This would include subjects like guitars, gear, guitars, music, Star Wars, guitars, guitars, and surprisingly enough …Guitars.