Panera responds to my insanity, so I write back…

…The noted lack of condiments has me even more concerned about the yellow thumbprint that was on the top of my sandwich. I had just assumed it was some of the condiment that was supposed to go on the inside. I ripped this portion out of the top of my sandwich before eating, to the bewilderment of my eye-rolling yet tolerant-to-my-neuroses wife.

Boston Market is ready to battle.

“I’m quite glad that you’re interested in the catering battle-royale! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any takers from the Panera Bread camp. In fact, I believe their policy is to ignore my emails from now on, or that I have been perhaps stifled by their in-house spam filtering system. I haven’t received so much as a ‘thanks for your interest’ or even a ‘please stop emailing us.'”

I’m not a catering service.

Well, I haven’t done one of these in a while. One day, a phishing spam caught my eye and I had to torment them a bit. I have no idea where they get my email address. Must be bots or I’m on a list I guess. Also, I have no idea why they think I’m a catering service.