There is someone who works for McDonald’s that gives a damn. He is the manager of the McDonald’s that also serves as a memorial to Perry Como Como, Bobby Vinton, and the Four Coins. Mr. Scott Kausky not only took the time to write back to me once, but twice… and get this… both replies came in the same day of my email to him!

I assure you, I am not McDonald’s.

It’s happening again. I still say it’s a fail of smart phones & tablet PC’s in their navigation of the internet. At least I hope that’s the problem. It could just be that some people are really not that bright. Maybe it’s a reading comprehension problem. They see a post about McDonald’s & complaints and they hit “contact” thinking they’re somehow contacting McDonald’s, blissfully unaware that the url in the address bar is and has nothing to do with McDonald’s.

I’m still not McDonald’s.

Have you heard that I’m not McDonald’s?  I decided to write to my new friends in McNeed, and I got a great response out of Harmony.  She is apparently convinced that I am McDonald’s.  I got a somewhat puzzling response from Scott, the manager of the Canonsburg store.  I’ll share what’s transpired.  This is me, […]