I will find the droids I’m looking for…

Star Wars meets Toy Story (via HeatherBlog)



So awesome…

Star Wars meets Toy Story Have you ever had one of those Six Degrees of Separation moments, in which the cosmos aligns itself around a common theme? That happened to me today. Early this morning, I awoke to a comment from fellow blogger Aaron Graham. He liked my post about shopping for bras, and I loved his diatribe about Star Wars Episode I enough to return the favor. I hadn’t thought about Star Wars in a long time. I saw the first movie with my dad when I was 10, and I … Read More

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♬♪ |-o-| [-o-] |-o-| ♬♪

♬♪ |-o-| [-o-] |-o-| ♬♪

By AiXeLsyD13 from Pittsburgh, PA on 6/2/2011
5out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Great Colors, STAR WARS, Amusing, Nostalgic, Stylish

Cons: Thin Material

Best Uses: On stage, Casual Wear, Wear To Work, Special Occasions, Wear to School, Date Night/Night Out

Describe Yourself: Geeky, Goofy, Bargain Shopper

Was this a gift?: No

Who wouldn’t love this? The best part is that I’m old enough to have actually owned a ghetto-blaster/boom box like the one Vader’s holding in the shirt… and I did. I also own 600 copies of the Star Wars movies in various edits & formats (thanks, George Lucas), and now I can watch them in this new shirt. Maybe I ought to walk around with my ghetto blaster blasting the Star Wars soundtrack?

A shirt fit for a Star Wars geek!


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The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars stor[ies] ever told

May the 4th Be With You!

So, happy Star Wars Day!  Be sure to check out my old Star Wars related posts for some goodies.  Maybe click on a picture or two and you’ll get a surprise.  (Check out the Star Wars Mix Tape or Dark Lord of the 5th Day posts if you’re in a YouTube mood… and last year’s post.)

Excellent news on the content of the Star Wars Blu-ray set today, check out FlyGuy.net for all the details: Star Wars Blu Ray Press Release & Details…Check out Disc nine!!

If you need other ways to celebrate the day, check out “10 Easy Ways You Can Celebrate Star Wars Day” from Death Star PR.

C-3PO vs. Darth Vader…?

This is amusing…

This is also amusing…

…jokes on them, I love Star Wars and this song.  Ha ha.  You can apparently get their whole alum here.

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

Or, maybe the are.

R2-D2: Guitar Hero
R2-D2: Guitar Hero
C-3PO Rocks
C-3PO Rocks

|-o-| [-o-] |-o-|     ( °)

Anchorhead – “Shredisode IV” HD Re-Cut


I need an album full of complete songs, not just snippets.

A tour would be cool too, Anchorhead.

Best video ever?  Probably.



Christmas Music

I like weird Christmas music. I’m not sure why. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and of course I dig the spooky sound/imagery with “scary” songs… but I listen to that all year long.  I just listen to Christmas music when the holiday is approaching, then it’s locked safely away until next year.  I’ve always had a thing for odd/goofy songs… and some of these are the goofiest ones yet.  I’ll start with whole albums that I have lying around, then I’ll descend into random stuff that I’ve collected over the years.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus
Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus – Various Artists [Sympathy for the Record Industry] – This is one goofy 2-disc set. with 13 tracks on each CD.  I mean, look at the cover.  It looks like an LP from the 70’s… maybe 60’s.  This is very punk and garage rock oriented… it’s a lot of sloppy dirty bands just rocking out some Christmas songs… some traditional, some original.  One of my favorites is the opener “Christmas Is A Comin’ (May God Bless You)” by the Shitbirds.  It starts out nice enough, then descends in to chaos.  Claw Hammer’s “The Night Before Christmas” is unsettling, and The Phenobarbidols’ “O Holy Night Parts 1 & 2” is sure to win over a crowd until it gets to part 2 (The most awesome part).

Punk Rock Xmas

Punk Rock Xmas

Punk Rock Xmas – Various Artists [Rhino] – Of course, any compilation with the Ramones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight)” is a win in my book.  This actually has a couple of the same songs as the previously mentioned CD.  I guess if you’re putting out punk rock Christmas songs, you’ve only got so many to choose from.  This disc is tight, allt he songs are winners in my book.  D.I.’s “Mr. Grinch”, The Damned with “There Ain’t No Sanity Clause”, Sloppy Seconds, Pansy Division, The Humpers… all with great solid catchy tunes.  This is a definite one that you need to own if you’re a punk rock fan and Christmas music fan.

The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride

The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride

The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride – Psychostick [Rock Ridge Music ] “Jingle bell. Jingle bell.  Jingle bell.  Metal!” is all you really need to know about this one.  If you’re going to go out shopping on Christmas Eve, you’ll want to listen to this to prepare yourself for battle with those other maniacal consumers.  This is all kinds of heavy and aggressive…  and it’s Christmas music.  These dudes are also hilarious, which there should be more of in metal.  Some metal bands take themselves way too seriously.  Psychostick does not… perhaps obvious from the title of the disc.

Oi to the World

Oi to the World

Oi to the World – The Vandals [Kung Fu Records] – While there are a plethora of awesome holiday albums out there, I’ll stop here.  Everyone has probably heard No Doubt’s cover of “Oi to the World”, not even knowing it’s a cover.  The song is catchy, it’s got a good message, and it’s funny.  This whole album is ridiculous.  With tracks like “A Gun for Christmas”, “Grandpas Last Christmas”, “Christmas Time for My Penis”, and “My First Xmas, As a Woman” you know it’s got to be good.  These guys are crazy, and their songs make you tap your feel and put you in a cheery mood.  It’s all-in-all a great Christmas disc.

Now, I’d just like to pop up some of my favorite Christmas songs… and I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments section…


Boba’s Invoice

Boba’s Invoice, originally uploaded by Laser Bread.

This is a genius little work of art/humor. I decided to use it to try out flickr’s “Blog this photo” function. I wouldn’t mind having this printed, framed, & hung on my “home office” wall. Good stuff, Laser Bread!

Facewars | A New Status

From Lamebook.com, too funny…

Lamebook | A New Hope... in one status