Someone did a crazy search for mazes…

947 views on one maze in one day?

947 views on one maze in one day?

Looking at my WordPress stats, I found a really weird day on Feb. 27th, apparently Yahoo! Image Search was inundated with the word “maze” that day.  Check out all these crazy hits, click on the image to the left for the full size.


It’s cool that one of my mazes shows up on the first page when you do a Yahoo image search for “maze”.  (Google too, just lower down the page.)

Did I miss national maze day or something?

Was there a maze in the news?

I really need to work on putting together a book, or trying to sell some prints online somehow.  It would be nice to do something productive with them.

1053 hits in one day?

1053 hits in one day?


World (and Lunar) Domination – 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 81,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Goofy Search Terms

Lots of people looking, no one commenting.

Amusing Search Terms
Search Views
dibella’s allergen info 1
Not sure if I have that here… Try their website?
dey mylan commercial 2
dey mylan epipen commercial 1
dey pharma tv ad 1
dey pharmaceuticals ad on tv 1
epi pen tv commercial 1
epipen commercial 3
epipen commercial 2012 1
epipen mylan ad 1
epipen tv ad 3
epi-pen tv ad mother cafe 1
faan and epi pen commercial 2
mylan dey epi 2
mylan dey pharmaceuticals epipen add. max’s birthday 5
mylan dey pharmasuducals epi pen add. max’s birthday 3
mylan epi pen commercial 1
mylan epipen ad 5
retracted epipen commercial 1
Boy did that ad get everyone’s panties in a bunch!
allergen cartoon 1
allergies funny 1
food allergy cartoon 2
food allergy fun 4
funny allergy cartoons 2
image for food allergy fun is this gun loaded 1
Check out Food Allergy Fun for the best food allergy cartoons!
allergy graph 2
food allergies graphs 2
food allergy graph 2
food allergy graphs 2
food allergy pie charts 2
food allergy pie charts 2
food allergy statistics graph 2
graph related to food 2
graphs and tables on food intolerance 1
graphs for food allergens 1
pie graph children food allergies 2
You like stats, don’t you?  I doubt my graph was much help.  Are you using this for a report for your schoolwork?
“rep. matt smith” and food allergy 1
emergency epi pen act 1
the emergency epipen bill 1
I’d like a consumer push, but legislation is nice too.
allergy seafood 2
are scallops a sea bug (Yes.) 1
blog allergic reaction to shellfish 1
coworkers friends and family don’t understand my shellfish allergy (Preach on! & Read this & this & this.)
crab allergy 1
jimmy john’s sandwiches fish allergy 1
joe’s crab shack allergy 1
no shellfish 3
pill bug allergy (They are creepy & they’re crustaceans.) 1
pizza hut shellfish allergy 1
seafood allergy warning 2
shellfish allergies and the beach 1
shellfish allergy 3
shellfish allergy can you touch penguins 1
shrimp allergy 1
shrimp sub 2
Where are you people Leave some comments!
allergen warning sign 8
allergy warning sign 2
anaphylaxis poster 2
design a present a poster that promotes anaphylaxis 3
food allergies poster 5
food allergies what you need to know posters 1
food allergy awareness poster 1
food allergy warning sign 2
free allergy posters 3
I hope whoever wanted to “promote” anaphylaxis was just typing wrong.
sonic allergen 2
sonic allergen guide 1
sonic allergen info 2
sonic allergen information 2
sonic allergy information 30
sonic allergy menu 5
sonic food allergies 3
sonic food allergy info 1
sonic menu allergens 1
sonic restaurant allergy 1
sonic restaurant allergy information 1
Is Sonic hiding something? Why are so many searching for this & landing here?
ihop peanut allergy 1
kennywood allergic stupid people 1
allergen warning labels 1
gluten free dining in pennsylvania dutch country 1
allergen warning 4
allergy awareness week 2012 1
allergy to tylenol cartoon 2
ammaria johnson and others 2
anaphylaxis stories 2
cross contamination and allergens 1
epipen priceline 2
food allergies 1
katelyn carlson epi pen 2
Is someone at Kennywood saying they’re allergic to stupid people, or complaining about “stupid” paying customers with allergies?
amish beard 2
amish crime beard cut 2
amish gangs 2
Amish on Amish crime? Way to smash those non-violence stereotypes.
band names list 2
band names that have already been used 3
how to pick a band name 5
my facebook band name already taken 1
where to promote shows 2
Congratulations!  You took the first step to not having a stupid band name, or one that already exists.  What did you eventually settle on?
i don’t want a restroom attendant 1
Me either.  They’re creepy.
elcaganer 1
pepto poop 1
poop flush handle 2
what is your poo telling you 5
what’s your poo telling you 4
armchair reader or unclee johns bathroom reader which is better 1
Uncle John’s, hands (pants?) down.  They’re better written, better quality, and more informative & entertaining in general.
devil toilet sign 1
east german bathroom sign 2
funny toilet signs 2
girls toilet signs 2
hilarious bathroom signs 1
man woman toilet sign 2
men @ ladies sign 2
restroom signs for water parks animated 1
staff toilet signs 2
toilet sign boards 1
toilet signage cartoons 2
toilet signs 9
wc men sign mean 14
weird bathroom signs 4
cool mens womens bathroom 2
crazy men and women toilet signs 1
Did you find some good ones?
don’t forget to wash your hands 3
hand washing signage 3
not for hand wash signs 1
8 step hand wash technique in dentistry 1
do not forget to wash your hands 1
employees must wash hands sign 1
employees wash your hands signs law 2
free humorous bathroom hand washing signs 1
funny hand washing 2
hand hygiene campaign announcement 5
hand washing for kids step by step 1
hand washing instructions for kids 1
hand washing pictures print 5
incorrect hygiene signs 2
mcdonalds hand washing procedures 2
picture of someone with soap on their hands under running water cartoon 2
sing the birthday song wsh hands 1
the far side wash hands 2
the sign in bathrooms showing how to wash hands 2
wash and hygiene hand 2
wash hands sign 2
wash your hands 2
wash your hands after using the restroom 2
wash your hands sign 2
wash your hands sign for kids 2
washing hands comic 1
washing hands data 4
wet your hands under warm running water. 4
you must wash your hand 1
Hand washing is serious business. Glad to see so many are interested.  Make sure your instructions are possible… and that the employees aren’t mandated to wash your hands.
bathrooms in japan 2
crazy toilet 2
crazy toilets 2
directions for clean toilet 1
toilet too small 3
I have no idea what these would have linked to…
all the batmans 2
animated batman evolution 1
batman cinema evolution 1
batman cry baby tumblr 2
batman evolution 81
batman evolution 17
batman évolution 2
batman evolution’ 1
batman evolution comics 2
batman logo evolution 5
batman logo+evolution 4
batman symbol evolution 2
batman throughout history 2
evolution batman 3
evolution of batman 34
evolution of batman symbol 2
the evolution of batman 6
the evolution of the batman symbol 3
evolution of catwoman 1
évolution de iron man 2
This could be the costumes, the movie batmen, the comics, the logo… be more specific?Batman Evolution
6 flags batman guitar 2
6 flags grand pairie batman guitar 2
bat man guitars 4
batman electric guitar 2
batman electric guitar six flags 2
batman form of guitar 2
batman guitar 17
batman guitar 5
batman guitar six flags 11
batman guitars 2
batman logo guitar 2
batman logo guitar flying v 2
batman six flags 2
china electric guitar batman 2
customized batman guitar picks 3
dc comics superman electric guitar six flags (Not as cool as the Batman one.) 1
guitar batman logo 2
ibanez with batman logo 2
nguitars won from six flags 1
show me all of the old joker guitars that are dc comic 75050 2
six flags batman guitar 12
six flags batman guitar values 2
six flags grand prairie guitarra 2
six flags guitar 7
91 of you searched for the Batman guitar in some way.  Why did only 1 of you take the time to comment?  Tell me about yours!  (Check the Facebook page out too!)  Know anything about the manufacturer or where they’re purchased?
batman film joker 15
batman film joker 12
batman joker falls from bridge 2
batman jokers 2
joker 1966 toy 1
batman 1966 film 1
batman adam west 1
batman tv style 2
detective meme 2
adam west family guy meme 1
always be batman meme 2
batman cartoon comics memes 3
batman forever meme 1
batman memes 2
batman some days 1
batman vs bane meme 2
burt ward robin meme 2
comic book meme 3
i’m batman meme 2
meme batman y robin 2
gotham rogues shirt 1
gotham rogues tshirt 2
tom hardy meme 1
batman logo yellow circle 2
batman sky symbol 1
batman weird al 4
frame batman 1
smart car batman 5
visa batman 2
Batman Rules.
batman funny nanananana me 1
batman meme nanananana me 1
batman with a microphone 1
nanananaana batman 1
nanananana me 6
Looking for this?

Batman - Mic Check

Batman – Mic Check

calvin and hobbes pittsburgh 2
calvin and hobbes 6
calvin and hobbes tattoo strip 2
calvin hobbes tattoo 3
calvin’s dad it builds character. 2
comicstrips calvin and hobbes 2
hobbes attacking calvin 5
The world needs more Calvin and Hobbes.
cheerios smell like pee 7
my pee smells like cheerios 3
my urine smells like cheerios 1
pee smells like cheerios 30
urine smells like cheerios 20
why do cheerios smell like pee 2
why do cheerios smell of wee 1
why does my pee smell like cheerios 9
why does my urine smell like cheerios 4
Apparently this is a rampant problem that no one will comment on.  Perhaps I need to explore it further?
why don’t dry cleaners clean on weekends 1
sample dry cleaner flyers 4
blatant false advertising 1
dry cleaner brookline boulevard 1
false advertising 2
sample dry cleaner flyers 4
The more I think about it, Century Cleaners can eat a bag of dicks.  I’m just sayin’.
family reunion t shirts 2
family 1
Why did these land here?
arby’s berry sauce 1
arby’s bronco berry sauce buy 3
arby’s bronco billy sauce 1
arby’s poppers 3
copycat recipes arby’s bronco berry 1
make my own bronco berry sauce corn free 1
what a bronco berry 1
where can i buy bronco berry sauce 6
where can i find arbys jalapeno poppers sauce 1
Bronco Jalapeño demands justice They have tried to silence me with free Bronco Berry Sauce.  I will share it with the people.
arbys contest secret words gourmazing ingredients 1
arbys customer relations atlanta 1
arbys finger 1
arby’s finger 1
arbys letter 1
can you buy arby sauce 1
free arbys t shirt 2
good mood food 1
list of arby’s sauces 1
loaded potato bites back at arbys 1
What is an Arby’s Finger?  The glove guy, or something that should be in the Urban Dictionary?  (Oh crap, it’s a news story…)
3099 ogden steakhouse 1
catering advertisement 1
deli tip jar 2
fast food sign 1
mcdonalds fryer 4
they f__k you at the drivethrough  (Literally? I think that’s illegal.  And… who does?) 2 1
dan cathy undercover boss 2
dunkin warning 1
hot donuts sign 2
krispy kreme downfall 1
krispy kreme logo glow 2
krispy kreme sign 8
has panera fixed the chicken noodle soup (Nope.) 1
old panera chicken noodle soup recipe 1
panera employee view pau stubs 1
where does panera get their meat (Most likely from dead animals.) 1
pizza poop (Happen to you, too?) 2
supplier of pizza hut sauce (I bet they won’t tell you!) 1
phone number for quiznos helpdesk 1
what happened to all the quiznos 5
what happened to quiznos in pennsylvania 1
I asked, they didn’t seem to find it amusing in their answer.
sheetz headquarters 2
sheetz headquarters phone number 1
sheetz shrimp sub 2
taco bell certificate 3
taco bell jokes for kids 1
taco bell pot head sign 2
taco bell receipt 3
weed taco pic 3
where is there not a taco bell for 900 miles (Excellent question! But, I think it was qualified by Taco Bell test markets serving the Doritos Locos thing.) 1
Maybe Taco Bell wanted to reply to my email, but were so high they just forgot?
dispute vincent’s pizza 1
vincents of green tree affiliated with vincents pizza park? (No.) 1
I heard Vincent’s in Forest Hills just closed.
best wendy’s review ever digg 2
hilarious wendy’s review 1
wendy’s review bawlin 3
wendy’s review funny share 2
wendy’s west liberty 2
I didn’t even write it.  Well, I did for the West Liberty one.
glenn danzig chick on his lap 3
eric “chupacabra” arce 2
jerry only 2
misfits and samhain 2
misfits mars attack .mp3 2
misfits ramones 2
mythfits misfits shirt 1
mythfits shirt mythbusters

The Mythfits

The Mythfits

saturday night misfits 2
the london dungeon news advert 2
what is wrong with dr. chud 1
where eagles dare misfits 3
the undead punk band 5
What is wrong with Dr. Chud?
meatloaf and cheese sandwich 2
7 lbs chipped ham in crock pot 2
barbecue sauce using ketchup and cola with chipped ham 2
gif bbq 1
the famous bbq restaurants logos of the world 3
beer helmet 3
where to find yuengling barbecue sauce 1
yuengling barbecue sauce 1
drink buttermilk with 1
how to drink buttermilk 2
old fashioned buttermilk drink 1
right time to drink buttermilk 1
turners charlies buttermilk 2
when to drink buttermilk 1
To all you haters: Buttermilk rules!
chili gi distress (Pepto’s Got U Covered!) 2
boyscout handbook electric hot dog cooker 1
do you need a cdl to drive the oscar weiner mobile (I doubt it, but it’s nice that you have a dream.  Good luck!) 1
hot dogs in toaster oven 1
how do resturants cook hot dogs (Many ways, no doubt.) 1
how to steam hot dog buns at home 1
redneck hot dog poke 2
caffiene gallikers tea 2
caffeine in turners iced tea with lemon 1
tea bird 1
turner tea carton 1
turners ice tea caffeine 1
turners iced tea caffeine 2
turners tea 3
does green tea have citric acid 1
does sweet tea have citric acid 1
where can i buy gallikers milk in pittsburgh 1
Turner’s is the best.  There’s only 1 tea in Pittsburgh, dig?
pillsbury 4
pictures of totino’s pizza rolls 2
funny graph about pizza (How about a maze?) 1
is snyder of hanover and snyder’s of berlin the same company? (No.) 1
snyder’s of berlin and hanover story 1
how do u make a food graph (Very carefully.) 1
super moms chicken caesar salad 1
Now I’m hungry.
cuce kısa poy pornosu 1
ich mochte frustig translation 1
lonely day ноты для гитары 2
nah kafa 1
stéfan le dû backstory 1
лабиринты 3
كيا بنجو 2013 1
fender mini mt-10 4
fender mini twin mt-10 1
mini twin reverb 5
modifying fender mini twin 2
smokey amp 4
amplifier demonation (Is “demonation” turning it into a demon, or it’s possessed by a demon?) 1
I need to finish my mini-twin mod.
bacchus serials guitar 2
who manufacturers brownsville guitars 1
c 302 cimar guitar 3
cimar electric guitars 2
cort starfire guitar 2
elger guitar serial number 2
falcon guitars 3
copystratocaster performer 2
fender ‘g ii e’ 3
fender g-iie 3
fender strato japan 3
fender stratocaster american sender 2
fender stratocaster ukulele 2
long sleeve fender shirt 1
lunar fender 1
flipout guitar 5
flipout, lit cigarrete 2
If you have a FlipOut, let me know!  Share yours. Leave comments!
hagstrom deluxe f d2f 1
guitar graph funny 1
guitar squid flow chart 2
guitar stereotypes 1
guitarist stereotypes 5
ibanez 627 2
guitar lesson 4
guitar lesson a series of master classes 7
guitar lesson master class 1
guitar lesson poster free 2
guitar lessons 5
guitar lessons a master class 3
guitar lessons a series of master classics 2
guitar lessons and masters 2
guitar lessons series master classes 2
guitar master class 1
poster guitar lessons 2
I’m the last guy you wanna learn from.
guitarras new york pro 2
new york pro guitar company 1
new york pro guitars 1
new york pro strat bridge 2
what are new york pro guitars made of 1
what kinda wood is a new york pro guitar made of 3
Do you have a New York Pro too?  Know anything about them? Leave comments!
odd guitar 3
odd guitars 1
overseas guitars 2
ugliest guitar in the world 2
record guitar 2
tom bingham 3
vinyl record 2
vinyl record guitar (Mr. Bingham is an artist.) 2
wierd guitars (Weird ones too.) 2
I like the weird ones.
loog guitars 2
orpheum guitars new york 1
prince guitar shapes 1
guitar shapes 3
guitar shelves 2
homemade multiple guitar stands 2
multiple guitar stand 4
ukulele stand 2
stereo types of guitarists 2
all guitars and ukulele (Looking for this?)

All of my guitars & the wife's ukulele

Guitar problem? What problem?

guitar wiring 4
schematic diagram of soldering gun 1
seymour duncan sh-6 2
stratocaster pickup 7
acoustic guitar pick guard decors 2
green custom archtop 2
guitar google 1
guitar noize 3
guitar wood recycling 2
headstock shape by brand 3
solid guitar 2
survival paint guitar 2
vote alabama’s best guitarist 1
funny math equation 1
funny maths equations 1
funny smartass comments (I’d hope there are lots here.) 2
funny waitress comic 2
little billy writes serial killers 1
mustafi donotevenreply 1
we’d like to thank bobby for coming out tonight television 1
the hard maze and the answer 3
pizza maze 9
pizza maze for kids 1
pizza mazes 2
pizza mazes for kids 2
hard maze solutions 2
yinz maze 3
a maze 2
big mazes and more 1
blow fish maze as a body 1
crazy maze 4
curvilinear maze 1
food mazes 2
fun mazes 2
hard mazes for kids to do 2
how to draw a maze 1
insane maze 1
knot maze 2
maze 20
maze “darth vader” pdf 1
maze pdf 2
maze riddle 3
mazes 15
mazes customer service 2
mazes for kids 5
sidewinder maze 1
start to finish games drawing 3
this.make maze begin end 2
Send me your solutions!
8 mile jimmy jacket 3
airheads football helmet filled (…with cottage cheese.) 1
airheads prs guitar 1
baby secret of the lost legend 3
baby the secret of the lost legend 2
mokèlé-mbèmbé 11
back to the future 1.21 gigawatts 2
back to the future movie screenshots 4
back to the future movie screenshots 4
cinemark rain check 2
crocodile dundee shaving 1
detroit rock city trip 2
flight of the navigator slash 1
goonies monster 1
gremlins scenes 1
grindhouse poster 1
harry and the hendersons movie 2
x never ever marks the spot 2
funny monster squad 1
neverending story cartoon 1
neverending story rock monster 2
police academy icon 2
police academy logo 5
predator animated gif 2
predator laserdisc 3
shaun of the dead meme 2
khna and kirk space seed 1
spock’s domination (…of who/what?) 2
star trek logo hd gif 1
wrath of khan 2
joshua war games 3
phreaking 4
willow of good 3
zorro the complete first son 2
brooksfilms limited products 1
hacking movies 2
movies from my childhood 2
best rock and roll movies 4
best rock n roll films 1
best rock n roll movies 5
best rock roll movies 1
good movies about rock n roll 1
rock n roll movies 2012 1
top rock n roll movies 1
I dig me some movies.
3po music icon 3
ackbar it’s a mouse trap tee shirt 3
ackbar snackbar 2
admiral ackbar jump to lightspeed scene 1
bob fett cartoon blu 1
boba fett cartoon poster 2
boba fett riding dragon 1
boba fett star wars blu ray art 2
cartoon on star wars blu ray 1
dark lord of the 5th day 2
darth vader light saber room light 2
darth vader vs bane 2
death star cheese ball 3
ewok meme 2
family guy star wars chronological order 1
family guy star wars movies in order 1
funny anakin pictures 1
george lucas animated musical 1
han solo saying dont get your panties in a knot 1
origami ewok 2
phantom menace robot factory 1
star wars blu ray easter eggs 1
star wars cheese ball 2
star wars christmas special easter egg 2
star wars meme 2
star wars movie night 2
star wars movie order 7
star wars seat covers 2
star wars themed r2 alcoholic drinks 2
warwick davis star wars phantom menace 4
warwick davis yoda 2
where are the droids takei 3
Do I blog about Star Wars a lot?
ann beretta“+”” 2
“ann beretta”+””+”fallen” 1
lesbian militants stereotype 1
rock concert funny 2
devil makes three 2
the devil makes three setlist pittsburgh 1
flogging molly may 10 2012 set list pittsburg pa 1
flogging molly setlist stage ae 2
Did you read my Flogging Molly / Devil Makes Three / Brothers of Brazil show review?
axl rose in concert 1
goddamn gallows nazi? (I hope not.) 2
go-go-rays “go go rays” 1
rancid boston 2012 1
the real mckenzies (Soon!) 2
best bass guitar intro song 1
best guitar intros 2
best guitar intros of all time 1
best guitar rock intro 1
best rock guitar intros 3
best rock intros of all time 5
great rock intros 1
greatest guitar intros 3
greatest guitar intros of all time 1
greatest rock intros all time 2
list top guitar intros of all time 1
rock song with sweet guitar intro 1
songs with great guitar intros 1
top 10 songs 2012 guitar intro 1
who came up with crazy train riff 1
headbangin 2
Why not tell me what you think of my list?
snuff blah zsa mc bong bing 1
snuff lee erinmez 1
spinal tap cover 1
functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism 3
functionless-art tolerated-vandalism 1
i can’t believe katrina i was looking for my hate lyrics type o negative 1
josh silver 2
peter steel 1
peter steele 4
peter steele recent 5
type o negative? 1
wat tyler f__k pump mp3 1
1-800-553-2324 1
705 256 2357 johnny cash 1
You gonna call those numbers?
lyrics clarks toyota commercial 1
the clarks toyota commercial 3
You forgot “sucks”
dethlehem circle of death 1
beechview police blotter 2
dormont police blotter april 18 1
super moon party dormont 2
ernie tattoos 1
pittsburgh post gazette and ernie and the berts 2
Were we in the paper?
hollywood theaters 1
size of hollywood theatre screen dormont 2
kdka compares giant eagle and walmart 1
kuhns banksville 2
kuhns banksville rd customer accident 2
kuhns banksville road customer dies 1
kuhns grocers union 1
kuhn’s market banksville accident 1
kuhns mcknight 3
Did someone die in an accident at Kunh’s?
“parkway center mall” 1
Is built on top of a garbage dump, & pretty much still is one.
mark madden sally wiggin 1
sally sarah wiggin pittsburgh 1
Sally Wiggin rules.
stage ae pittsburgh not allow 1
Not allow what?  Not allow who?
green man’s tunnel guy 2
the tunnel monster 3
tunnel monster 2
It exists.
senator wayne fontana (Reads his mail.) 2
pgh photos zappa 1
pittsburgh pirates logo history 2
driving horn 2
green arrow traffic 3
linkin park hybrid theory vector 1
me first and the gimme gimmes guitars 2
angus young meme 2 1
dr. peter ahmed 2
chicken caesar salad scam 1
salade chicken caesar mcdo 2
google giveaway team 3
google giveaway team 13th anniversary 2
lori sandra baker 5
lori sandra scam 2
Lori Sandra is still trying to scam people? does not like recipient. meaning 1
9999 short code not working on sprint 1
bcode sms 1
code1051 short cut text how do u fix it 1
how to unblock shortcode texting on iphone 1
message failed. shortcode may have expired 1
msg 1051 1
shortcode texting for sprint cost 1
sprint code 9999 don’t work 1
sprint google sms error 1051 not working 2
sprint message 1051 4
sprint short code texting 1
sprint short codes 2
sprint unblock short code texting 1
what is wrong if free sprint 9999 doesnt work 1
when i try to text cha cha it says unable to send due to invalid short code 1
Sprint hates you (and me).
link: 1 4 2
help 3 9 . 1 1 1 3
larry 2510 2 12 3 2 2 1
hlpdesk@my 2 1 2 1
davidicus 2
jerry lunar 1
wwwjohn maherpa 2
Here is the root of the problem as to why people contact me thinking I’m McDonald’s or Kmart or anyone else.  They don’t know the difference between url and an email or an address bar & a search engine apparently.
babysitter dominationkid 1
english dominatrix wanker teaser 1
japanese sex and domination 1
knickers domination 1
man woman going to bathroom 4
orgasm torture in satan`s rape clinic 2004 bluray 1
poop taco 2
porn yinz maze 2
shirtless man in a kilt 2
spanish mistress domination 1
troubled teenagers teens living in 6556 clover valley road (You are a creeper of the highest order.) 1
vomiting domination 1
young chubby boy 1
fart math 8
What the hell is wrong with you people?  How in the hell did any of these land you here?
stuffed squirrel for sale 3
stuffed squirrel pictures 3
taxidermied squirrel 1
You need to visit Hoke·E·Geez!

Stuffed Squirrel on display (& for sale!) at Hoke·E·Geez (Bedford, PA)

“Help! I’m not dead! Some redneck just stapled my nuts to this driftwood!”

babysitter monster in bathroom 2
boots a clous skin hard 1
dine and ditch 2
dingleberry 2
fart canal 2
fart in math 2
gary busey tranny 2
girl liking wheelchair ride 1
kids monster bathroom wash 1
panty dropper sticker 2
proud rider of the short bus 2
reindeer playing ukulele 2
aixelsyd13 mcdonald’s 1
waldo lunar 9
world lunar domination 2
Someone’s looking for me! Did you find me? Where did you hear of me?
“joel pavuk” (Try asking The Bloody Seamen or The Botched.) 3
catherine paddock 1
cherelle flowers 2
chris thornborrow 2
frank l. visco 1
leroy mcdowell iv 2
linda cumer pittsburgh 2
michelle crouch 1
scott kausky mcdonald 1
travis stevens 2
So, are you looking for yourselves… or is someone looking for you?
13 levels of hell 1
4 colour pen 1
c64 logo 1
cartoon vhs tumblr 1
celtic cross scottish 1
cobra hood dragon fantasy 1
covelli enterprises wiki 1
crazy scientist electric 1
django’s bloodhound 1966 1
do you call it beanie or beanie hat 1
four colour pen 1
foxtrot comic strips andy cold 2
funny battle gear 1
ghetto blaster goofy t-shirt 1
giant bbq grate 2
girl riding short bus 1
graph of excedrin 3
graph of responses 1
graphs of food in civil war 1
happy birthday toy accordion 1
happy rock radio caroline 259 playlist 1
hare krishna vs moonies 1
how to play happy birthday on toy accordion 2
i just really want to kiss you right now (What?) 2
icecreamhucklebucks (I know the Legendary Hucklebucks…) 1
if you’re going through hell keep going poster 1
i’m sorry i annoyed you with my friendship 1
incessant 6
invincible meme 3
irish celtic cross back patch 1
irish cross 2
jelly carrier 1
letter of advertisement 2
lunar 2
lunar estate (Looking to buy? I’ll sell you some…) 2
mad scientist electrical 2
mad scientist electricity 1
modal video of paltry farms 2
moose logos 1
no entry sign vector 2
panira ng mood quotes tumblr 1
pick up after your dog sign vector 3
pro bendig wii 3
randi accessoires artikel 2833 artikel 2834 1
reunion phreaker 2
rocky road lift yj 2
shalom in 5 s wabash 2
sharpie market share graphs 2
short story a dog evolved and used man to throw sticks for him 2
stocking cap from moon 1
stupid employees 2
thank you for your time and clarifying on my queries 1
the draw-well ghost 2
the people upstairs (are noisy.) 3
this is crazy meme 1
title13, u.s.code, sections 141 and 193 1
vector graphics tv commercial for a gym 2
ya hand sign 2
Unknown search terms 257

See what I mean?

Very Specific Taste?

So, I blog occasionally about the search terms that land people here… but this is a special kind of awesome:

Search Terms

porn yinz maze

This person searched & clicked twice… or two kindred spirits out there really need to meet.

Spock ''Fascinating.''


What does one get when you search “porn yinz maze“?  Apparently something here at this blog.  I get the maze, I get the yinz, …but porn?  Maybe I need to draw a maze with boobies and put the word Yinz in it to satisfy this potential reader.

If you’re out there & you’ve managed to find your way back… what exactly were you looking for?  A maze of Pittsburgh?  A maze of porn?  Did your iPhone auto-correct “maize” to “maze” and “corn” to “porn”?


Are you spamminators? Are you real? Have you clicked “like” or followed my blog?

Well, I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I enjoy the “stats” quite a bit.  (I love the search terms that lead people here.)  Lately I’ve been seeing the number of reads, likes, and followers go up… but the comments are staying about the same.  I also wonder if the people following & clicking the “★ Like” button actually like my posts, or if they’re just web-bots, or looking for links back to their own blog.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...


I do a lot of my following with Google Reader, not on WordPressGoogle seems to do a better job of handling non-WordPress blogs in with the WordPress blogs.  The only problem is that my +1‘s or ‘s or probably don’t get back to WordPress authors (or other blog authors) as likes.

Image representing Google Reader as depicted i...

Google Reader

Have you recently followed me?

Have you recently “liked” one of my posts?

Leave a comment and let me know why you liked the post or why you followed my blog.  How did you find me?  Tell me something about yourself.  I’d really appreciate the feedback!  Not that I don’t already appreciate the likes & the follows… but it may even help me post more content that people actually enjoy.

Thank You! [2011 in Review]

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Also, it told me this…

Who were they?

Your most commented on post in 2011 was Concert Stereotypes

These were your 5 most active commenters:

  1.   Dave | 26 comments
  2.   omawarisan | 20 comments
  3.   Sam | 17 comments
  4.   valleyofsteel | 11 comments
  5. Jennifer is Always Sick | 10 comments

So, thanks to all of you for being the top commenters this year!  Most of my blogs are meant to encourage discussion.  Hopefully here, though more likely on Facebook or Twitter (These numbers may be skewed, if you didn’t login to WordPress or use the same Gravatar email address, Facebook, or Twitter to comment consistently.)

I really feel that this is a great outlet for me.  It helps calm me down, & give me something positive on which to focus.  I really do appreciate all of the people out there taking the time to read, comment, and even subscribe.  Most of you are my friends in some capacity, and I’m glad that you continue to be interested in whatever I happen to be ranting about.

So, what do you want more (or less) of in 2012?

I find search terms rather amusing.

I know I’m odd, but there are some real weirdos out there.  What is wrong with you people?  Check out these search terms that have landed people here at my humble little corner of the internet:

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-12-20 (Summarized)

7 Days | 30 Days | Quarter | Year | All time

2011-12-13 to Today

Search Views (Scammer!) 9
maze 6
batman joker 5
peter steele 4
goofy 4
difficult mazes 3
how to wash your hands sign (Apparently some of you still need this, at least you have Google.) 3
mcdonalds offer letter 3
amish beard cutting attacks cnn mugshots (lol.)
complicated maze w/ traps 3
john simson hearing impaired (Scammer!)
mazes 3
batman 66 cast 3 3
gremlins 3
batman logo guitar six flags (I’d love some help here people!) 3
movies from my childhood 3
гитара (What?  Oh – “Guitar.”) 3
thomas lloyd 2
star wars death star in firing range 2
fart in math (popular!)
peter steel 2
amish beard cutting post gazette(lol.)
cartoon mouse trap dynamite 2
kai kennedy locksley 2
nutley brass ramones 2
world and lunar (Someone looking for me?) 2 2
star wars logo saber 2
lg arena standing/seating plan 2 2
#1 washing your hands is the #1 important thing in history 2 (try the “http://” at the beginning, or read this.) 2
flow chart buy more guitars (yup.)
weird guitars (yup.) 2
subaru vs batman (Batman fighting a car? When did I blog about that?) 2
the old batman movies 2
incessant (Who, me?) 2
nude mrs claus (Still don’t blog nudes.) 2
ewok zombie (Click here.) 2 2
war games joshua 2
paul smith food scam (Bastards are out there…) 2
snooky hats ke a tobogin 2
meatloaf topping 2
“clean water action” pittsburgh sucks (Yup.) 2
washing signs tie 2
star wars christmas death star it’s a trap 2
carrie janota panera (Searching for yourself?) 2
panera vs bostone market (Panera still hasn’t replied.) 2
dave highfield, penn state blue band 2
google southeast asia disbursement center 2
scott kausky mcdonalds email canonsburg (Searching for yourself?) 2
80’s movies 2
remove sprint short codes 2
drunken santa 2
googlegiveawayteam 2
gizmo gremlins 2
c-3p0 data 2
“erin faulk” (Searching for yourself?) 2
fart math (popular!)
ort danzig 1661 (What?) 2
difficult maze 2
universal monsters scenario 2
list of van halen songs with intros 2
leonard part 6 cast 2
pizza mazes 1
lourem 1
causes of allergens poster 1
sally wiggin mark madden (Was this an image search? Sally rules.) 1
pizzahut maze (Those bastards never wrote back either!) 1
shirt azrael rising 1
crystal skull vodka 1
please wash and dry your hands sign 1
nudes as santa claus 1
fart volume equation (popular!)
fart and math (popular!)
woolie cap 1
how to unblock shortcode texting with sprint 1
3472 × 2604 – yeah, you know the ones—-they’re skate shoes or in my book: poser shoes.  (You actually searched all of that?  Why?  What did it bring you to?) 1
reason why to stop playing guitar 1
passive aggressive notes marney thanksgiving 1
google 13th anniversary giveaway sweepstakes draw 1
arthur suydam samhain 1
best intro guitar 1
the misfits glenn danzig 1
gremlins cast 1
wash your hands guide signs 1
ticket #: 899-633/uk-11-001 with cgp # as/my/0010/011 drew lucky #: 9012-2449-4041(17) 1
watch cap wiki 1
lightsaber cheese cutter (Is there one out there?  I want one!) 1
the fish sendwith from mcdonald is bad 1
jelly wars domination (Um…) 1
santa bartender 1
dog domination (Um…) 1
wanted cheese ball 1
= 1
amish ohio 1
feedback 1
с днём рождения бэтмен (That’s “Batman Birthday” according to Google Translate.) 1
scott bergren email id (Searching for yourself?) 1
zakk wylde meme 1
batman guitar pick 1
satan vs santa 1
what does it mean message failed msg 1051 1
the evolution of batman 1
underwears through history (Why did this bring someone to my blog?) 1
mrs moon nudes 1 1
goonies fat kid 1
lunor jonny depp 1
kyle dine (Kyle rocks! Check out!) 1
satan in santa hat 1
izzy stradlin wears a hemet (Are you asking?) 1
hand washing procedures poster 1
excuse me i eating (& Googling.) 1
fender g ii e 1 1 1
mr paul smith food order spam 1
employees must wash hands sign free 1
crazy discount double check meme 1
kuhns on banksville road (A dirty dirty store.) 1
“local celebrity” “has food allergies” 1
tim bendig (Searching for yourself?) 1
andy biersack batman tattoo 1
john maher state rep conservative 1
allergen warning signs 1
9230 shortcode texting 1
boba fett dragon 1
stop hand washing signs california (Wait, don’t wash your hands?) 1
scrotum domination (WTF? How would this bring someone here?) 1
cars parking lots google earth 1
giant eagle marketplace signs 1
ihop gluten free 1
1051 error message sprint 1
funny math equations (popular!) 1
lori sandra baker (Dirty scammer) 1
doyle von frankenstein and jerry only 1
batman foods 1
foxtrot thermostat comic 1
world.and.lunar.domination (That’s me.) 1
death star cheeseball 1
google uk office 13th giveaway sweeptakes 1
asian retching picture (WTF?) 1
elf in someones ass (WTF?) 1
you tube musicmustard pigs rock punk (What?) 1
sprint short codes 1
google asia give-away lotto 1
chinese new year proclamation governor rendell 1
batman else worlds 1
fart equation (popular!)
didn’t panera used to put mustard on the smoked turkey  (Yes, until they decided it was bad for you.) 1
funny guitars (That’s me.) 1
sprint msg 1051 1
luci butler trans siberian orchestra 1
message failed. shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. msg 1051 1
star wars holiday special easter egg 1
message failed. shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. 1
vincents park pizza verses vincents greentree (Almost as hot as the Aiello’s vs. Mineo’s debate.  I still need to blog about part 2…) 1
sonic allergen info 1
warwick davis the phantom menace 1
star wars movie night 1
gizmo being sad 1
death star cheese ball 1
ramones vs danzig 1
wendy’s on west liberty 1
gitarre bb stone (Did you find it?  Why no comments? 1
guitar world top 100 guitar solos 1
“” “dear mr” 1
allow me to apologize 1
chik a fil a polite(The employees maybe.)
lorisandra 1
places that ship provel cheese 1
at 1
coal black poop 1
c3po dj 1
michale graves vs jerry only 1
luci butler trans-siberian orchestra 1
help@customerservice 1
roger tullgren 1
lunar pawn 1
recipe decadent scalloped potatoes (Did you try/like them?) 1
gremlins gizmo film still 1
hello my name is john simson 1
hetfield santa 1
taco bell allergy warning 1
letter from mcdonalds 1
dingleberry man in the middle attack (What?) 1
star wars blu ray easter eggs not working 1
dan kish panera chef (Searching for yourself?) 1
tossel cap with pom pom 1
lit cigarette guitar (Did you find it?) 1
monster squad stream through netflix 1
the batman and joker part 1 movie pics 1
eagle instruments 1
scallop potatoes recipes “corn starch” 1
yuengling lager sauce (Bring it back!) 1
is long john silvers okay to eat if you have a peanut allergy 1
domination puss (Ew!) 1
meatloaf with cheese and ketchup 1 hot dogs in beer 1 1
people upstairs doing (…doing what?) 1
m 1
arby’s bronco berry sauce 1
guitar girls thumbs (Is this a “tye 3 random words into Google” game?) 1
police officer james burke 1
dead lobster 1
functionless art 1
dhl domination 1
snookie cap 1
sonic menu allergy 1
dormont chief of police 1
black n white disney goofy tattoos 1
functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism. we are the vandals. 1
f__k. telina mcdowell north van slut (I have no idea what in this string of incoherence would have brought you here.) 1
how to unblock shortcode texting 1
chord avenged lips of deceit 1
6 flags batman guitar (Hello? You guitar people need to leave comments.) 1
purple hand ernie (Huh?) 1
shamrock murphys 1
yoda you will be 1
santa playing guitar 1
google asia give away team 1
why gavin thorn is an ewok (Who is Gavin Thorn, and why is he an ewok?) 1
free mazes to print (Please, send me some completed ones!) 1
dropkick murphys fenway skeleton party t shirt 1
how do they make hot dogs at arenas 1
kuala lumpur,malaysia. office of the lottery funds 1
pizza images 1
farming with dynamite, 1910 1
korean girl with guitar (Very specific tastes?) 1
dewey decible flipout guitar (Why are you guitar searchers not leaving comments?  Let’s talk about these things!) 1
tumblr domination para seguir 1
square guitar (Why are you guitar searchers not leaving comments?  Ask me about ’em!  Show me yours!) 1
what does msg 1051 1
what is the equation of fart (What is the meaning of life?) 1
santa asshole (Someone’s on the naughty list.) 1
little girl butt showing (I can assure you, none of that here.) 1
http://www.the trans siberian 1
what was “the dumbest idea ever” ? 1
snooki ski hat 1
new wendy’s west liberty 1
sprint message 1051 1
sock monkey beanie hats 1
phantom pooper letter lamebook 1 archive 1
where can i buy the eric clapton t shirt in adventureland 1
star wars holiday special” “cartoon pictures” 1
dingleberry cartoon (I’m afraid to Google this…) 1
electric roaster dressing recipe (Did you try mine in the crock pot?) 1
panera galleria mt lebanon general manager 1
cristmasstory 1
whats the common history of snyders of berlin and snyders of hanover (Denial.) 1
kmart in snail ville 1
“the explorers” commodore 64 1
rare vandals song 3:24 1 does not like recipient 1
buy more guitars flow chart 1
data vs c3po 1
batman guitar 1
dentist gas domination (Seriously.  WTF?) 1
usa dupont com 1
does w g grinders have a gluten free menu 1
Unknown search terms 51

Please, if you found what you were looking for, leave a comment.  If you didn’t…  You can comment on that too.  Let’s interact.

With the email addresses… think it’s people Googling themselves, or people entering an email address into a search bar thinking they’re sending an email?

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-07-27 (Summarized)

Amusing search terms from the last week…

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2011-07-27 (Summarized)

2011-07-20 to Today

Search Views
sonic allergen information 15 6
sonic allergy information 5
square guitar 5
food allergy awareness poster massachusetts 3
allergen signs 3
mussel allergy 2
parking chair 2
shortcode texting blocked on sprint 2
hollywood magic movies police 2
message 1051 sprint 2
star wars movie order 2
movie list with gorillas 2
subway allergic reaction -peanut 2
food allergy poster 2
giant eagle vs shop n save vs kuhns 2 1
funny farm film 1
were can i buy arby’s bbq sauce 1
peter steele 1
brooksfilms, ltd. (mel brooks) 1
texting wont go threw message failed shortcode 1
old movies of my childhood 1
kids pizza mazes 1
tag my pals facebook 1
k.cfarobinson chick-fil-a 1
my childhood devrim filmleri 1
sprint msg 1051 1
error code 1051 epic 1
failed wendys review 1
tanya staal 1
sonic allergies 1
awkward family photos thanksgiving letter 1
baby secret of the lost legend 1
text message response msg 1051 1
dutch haven homemade rootbeer 1
2111 mcdonald’s drive 1
did katelyn carlson have an epi pen 1
k.cfarobinson. 1
r2d2 cap 1
sprint 1051 1
katelyn carlson allergy 1
kronenwetter water problem areas 1
allergen signage 1
9230: message faled. shortcode may have expired or shortcode texting may be blocked on your account. msg 1051 1
functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism…we are the vandals 1
msg 1051 1
american dj error 44 message 1
“commonwealth of pennsylvania” “seal” 1
spencarian 1
convert shortcode 1051 1
short codes for sprint 1
sonic allergen info 1
data vs threepio 1
sonic allergy menu 1
flipout guitar 1
food allergy worning signs 1
dewey decibel flipout guitar 1
katelyn carlson 1
shortcut number for sprint 1
unblocking shortcode texting verizon 1 1
decadent cheese scalloped potatoes with sour cream 1
kately carlson 1
toybox video songs 1 1
how to cook hot dogs in the oven 1
letters from serial killers billy 1
why is short code texting blocked on my sprint account 1
food allergic tragedies 1
if i try to text a short code on my phone i will get a message saying the shortcode you texted has expired or short code texting is blocked but it isnt blocked and it hasnt expired 1
doritos and shellfish allergy 1
public service announcement retro old cool funny mp3 1
sprint error 9230 1051 sprint says no blocks 1
yinz 1
nerf herder – “siegfried & roy” mp3 1
short code texting blocked sprint 1
food allergy awareness week 2012 1
root beer stoltzfus ronks, pa 1
armchair reader books vs bathroom readers 1
la choy teriyaki sauce review 1
+3422 email conbtact wawa tobacco list 1
goofy nudes 1 1
how to enter short codes in to a sprint phone 1
a amish restaurant that looks like a windmill i 1
sonic allergen menu 1
ella jones usa cytec 1
knife they cut subs with at subway is dirty 1
where to buy bronco berry sauce 1
data c3po t shirt slash 1
sonic allergy 1
advertisement letter 1
pa, statute 3552, “jaywalking” 1
cellphone cross contamination foodservice 1

Keep in mind we don’t count your own visits. This report from 2011-07-27, 14:20:43 UTC-4.

too late

I still find search terms amusing.

By far, the most hits I’ve been getting are still for the Sprint short code issue.  You’d think they’d have that ironed out by now…

9230 message failed
9230 message failed msg 1051
9230 sms sprint blocked shortcode
codes to get old text messages through s
devil short code (Ha! Scary?)
how to unlock short code texting on palm
how to unlock short codes? i have an unl
international text not working on sprint
message failed short code may have expir
message failed. short code may have expi
message failed. shortcode may have expir
msg 1051
not receiving my alerts from my banks sh
short code texting may be blocked on you
shortcode blocked on sprint
shortcode texting blocked sprint
shortcode texting may be blocked
shortcode texting may be blocked on my a
sms error 9230
sprint message 1051
sprint message code 1051 from 9230
sprint msg 1051
sprint put a subject in sms to email
sprint short code radio station problem
sprint unblock shortcode text
text message failure shortcode may have

Movies are big, apparently…

“the experts” 1989
baby: secret of the lost legend
goonies chinese
wierd movie photos
willow film
wilow movie
dark crystal wikipedia

What movie?

a movie from my childhood

Star Wars related?

star wars blu ray
dark lord of the fifth

Looking for inspiration?

3d idea

No longer being made, but people want it!

yuengling bbq sauce
yuengling marinade

Excellent GN’R demo/bootleg:


I’d go to the Dormont Boro website:

how to get parking permit in dormont, pa

Yes, it is

kuhn’s dirty

Pizza Hut, your pizza still turns people’s guts into water slides:

pizza hut hot cookie dough allergy info
pizza hut makes me poop
pizza hut pie charts
pizza hut sauce
sam-e and gastrointestinal distress


ssa cheese tesselation

Looking for a job, or for the person?

store manager giant eagle cochran road

What is “Dark Lord Day“, and why are there photos?

dark lord day 2010 photo album

I hate the Flyers too:

how to get rid of fliers at your cook ou

Is this going to make me search for it too?

classical cosby lost fecal tirade

So ominous:

too late

teriyaki as a competitor to subway

Heh.  This are still amusing to me.  People searching for these terms ended up at my blog…

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
data next generation 1
teriyaki as a competitor to subway 1
who won the pens game last night 1
9 levels of hell 1
palm pre “msg 1051” 1


Search Views
9 levels of hell 2
what seats are blocked at mellon arena 1
sprint short code expired 1
9230: the short code you are attempting 1
chart of dante’s hell 1
“parking chair” 1
9230: message failed. shortcode may have 1
sprint error msg 1051 1
pizza hut allergen 1
pizza in alliteration 1

It’s a strange world we live in.

  • teriyaki as a competitor to subway – What?  Teriyaki as a condiment is going to compete with a sandwich chain?  I’m hoping this was just a malformed input into a smartphone… but really to what end?  Maybe it’s an upcoming Kaiju Big Battel fight?  What did they think when they clicked here?  Was it at all informative or entertaining?
  • who won the pens game last night – Brought you here?  The Pens won last night, but If you type “Pittsburgh Penguins” into the Google search box, the latest scores and the schedule for the next game come right up.  Or, you could just go to  I’m guessing you were disappointed by your visit?
  • pizza in alliteration – Someone couldn’t come up with their own alliteration involving pizza?  Are you trying to get me to do your homework?  Fine.  I’ll do it if it’s not too late.  Penelope politely perused the pizza parlor for pungent pepperoni to polish off.

I see that Dante’s levels of hell, the Sprint shortcode error, and Pizza Hut are still big hits… and someone must have read my Data vs. C-3PO article.