Teach your kids not to be @$$holes about food allergies.

On the “Super-Cool Food Allergy News” front, FARE has said they will not accept donations from Mylan until this Epi-Pen price-gouging shenanigans is resolved. That makes me feel a lot better about asking for your donations for the upcoming Food Allergy walk in Pittsburgh. It’s a little less messy.

New AllergyEats App

So, I’ve blogged about Allergy Eats many times before. You know I think it’s an awesome resource, but can only be useful if users rate restaurants. Now, it’s easier than ever to do… with new iPhone and Android apps!

Crazy weekend.

It’s been a great weekend, thanks to Batman Movie Night on Saturday, & the Food Allergy Walk today. I hope to eventually blog about both… but I’m kind of up for just some relaxation tonight. I just wanted to say…