Posting #AllMyAxes. 🎸 (Part 2)

Did you see part one?Β  I felt like posting all my guitars online simply for something else to look at, and I thought others might enjoy.

I still plan to blog about some of the more interesting ones.Β  Hopefully you guys enjoy the content.Β  Thanks for the likes on social media.Β  I don’t think anyone else started to use the #AllMyAxes hashtag.Β  Oh well.Β  Ha ha.

Show me some of yours in the comments, tag me on social media, or use your own hashtag!


The Family Ukuleles & Mandolin

The Kids' Guitars


Take me to your leader. πŸ‘½πŸ›ΈβœοΈ

Drew a maze in color with some Sharpies.Β  Don’t normally do that.Β  Enjoy if you’re so inclined.Β  Print & solve or solve on your screen with an art or notes app.Β  Share a solution here in the comments or on social media, & tag me: @AiXeLsyD13 (on Twitter & Instagram)



Alien Maze (Color) Alien Maze (Black & White)


I shared a photo on Instagram & Twitter earlier, this scan is only slightly better.