I haven’t forgotten about blogging.

I haven’t forgotten about blogging.  There’s just been a bunch going on lately.  The band had a few gigs back-to-back, & we’ve been trying to come up with new stuff.  The real job has been rather taxing of late, the workload and hours have increased.  The wife & I seem to have some sort of scheduled social or family function every weekend lately.  Our week at Living Waters is coming up & I’ve been preparing for that.  I started to work on my New York Pro guitar & chronicle that, but got to a stopping point & haven’t had time to get back to it.  I’ve been trying to pull together some mazes, new old, some unfinished… I want to get a bunch ready to go, then look at my best publishing options.  I’ve also been battling a nasty stuffy nose coupled with a summer cold & fatigue.

I’m certainly not complaining, there’s just a bunch of stuff going on.  I felt the need to explain the lack of posts.  I even have some drafts written on what I feel to be some entertaining subjects…  I just need the time to sit, make the graphics & write the posts that go along with them.

If you need some blog feed, check out:

Move Along, Move Along...

Move Along, Move Along…

Great storytelling.

Check out Omawarisan’s tales…

I found them amusing, and wanted to share.  I’ve linked to his stuff many times before.  Have you ever had any moments like this?

Deutsch: Ein syrischer MAN-LKW beim Transport ...


Employees Must Wash Hands « Blurt

You must read this blog by Omawarisan, he swears that this is the only photo he’s ever taken in a public restroom:

Employees Must Wash Hands « Blurt.

Omawarisan swears that this is the only photo he's ever taken in a public restroom.

I propose a revolution where these signs are strictly adhered to.

We all know my feelings on public restrooms, hand-washing signs, bathroom attendants, and stupid signs in general.  Omiwarisan takes it to the next level.  I applaud his ingenuity and regularly enjoy his blog.  You should check it out.

Sign: SN-R6EMW'Mind Your Manners' Japanese bathroom sign! Toilet Signs Vector Graphic

Blurt | That Was Wrong, But Why Was She Eating At Papa John’s?

A great blog post about poor decisions regarding racism & pizza, from a great blogger:

Papa Wrong's

Papa Wrong's

The Story Of That Girl, The One I Almost Killed (via Blurt)

Sweet Lovely Death

Sweet lovely death.

Hey! A post about food allergies, and it’s not from me!

I’ve pointed you to Blurt before. It’s an amusing blog in general, and this is another amusing yet very real story about the seriousness of food allergies.  This time, it’s got the perspective of someone who’s not food-allergic themselves, yet understands the seriousness of the situation.  I find it to be a fresh take.

It’s also one that’s not in the Top 8, showing us that other allergies exist besides the big ones.

Of course, this is also self-serving, as there’s a shout-out to someone you might know…

The Story Of That Girl, The One I Almost Killed A long time ago, I was in college. There was this girl I dated back then. She was a good person. She became a special education teacher when she grew up. In the end, things didn’t work out between us. It wasn’t her, it was me. Seriously, all me. Now in saying it was all me, I do want to point out that the end of the rel … Read More

via Blurt

Fresh Meat: Omawarisan Delivers (via blogdramedy)

Check this post out, and RECOGNIZE the pizza delivery dude.

He takes pride in his service.

Fresh Meat: Omawarisan Delivers I have a tasty snack for you today on Fresh Meat. The great Omawarisan, creator and lone writer of Blurt, agreed to do a guest post for Blogdramedy. Color me beside myself! Now there’s two of me. One’s in yellow crayon but whatever. I told you I was excited. He blurts stuff. Funny stuff. Need proof? Here we go! —– A Tribute To The Pizza Guy I hav … Read More

via blogdramedy