Saturday December 17th – A punk rock party at the Fallout Shelter!

Reposted from – A punk rock show to melt your face:

Insanity. Chaos. Deafening yet hooky melodies. Beer.  If these all seem like good things to you, you need to be at this show.  Add this to your Google calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Facebook Events, or whatever you do with Google+ or AOL or MSN or Compuserve or Outlook or whatever you’re using.  Tweet about it.  Get a car full of idiots and find a non-idiot DD.

Ernie would like to remind you to drink responsibly, tip your bartender, buy some of the various bands’ merchandise, and to wash your hands before returning to work or play.

Get the flyer below tattooed on someone’s ass that you see frequently, so you don’t forget.

The Bands:

The Place:

The Details:

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Photos | Dethlehem @ The Smiling Moose (Thu. Sept. 9th, 2010 AD)

Got some photos last night of one of my favorite local bands… the warriors that call themselves Dethlehem.

  • Lord Bonecrush – War Cry
  • Hildor Anduv – Axe
  • Bovice – Axe
  • Davidicus the Black – Bass Staff
  • Overlord Brom – War Drums

Check ’em out on Photobucket… Grid View or Slideshow View.  They’re also on Facebook, you can check ’em out there and tag people that you know.

Or, just click the thumbnails that you dig below…