Guitarobatics 🎸

I’m on a few super gear-nerdy and G.A.S.-educing groups on Facebook. Β To the Awesome Cheap Guitars group, I recently posed this question:

So,what awesome cheap guitar moves have you pulled on stage? I’m a horrible guitar player, but I can wow a crowd with some flash, flair, and goofy-looking guitars. I’m guilty of the checked following…

Dancing E.

Dancing E.

β˜‘ Playing behind the head.
β˜‘ Playing while squatting with guitar in between knees, reaching arm through legs from behind.
β˜‘ Playing while falling/laying down.
β˜‘ Dropping-trou and continuing to play.
β˜‘ Playing on knees bending back until head almost touches the ground.
β˜‘ Sad 80’s dance move with shuffling feet while playing.
β˜‘ Playing on chairs.
β˜‘ Playing on tables.
☐ Playing on the bar.
β˜‘ Walking outside & in another door if possible with a wireless.
β˜‘ Sitting in a seat with a wireless.
β˜‘ Stage-diving.
β˜‘ The Chuck Berry/Angus Young walk.
β˜‘ Switching instruments mid song.
☐ Using a beer bottle as a slide.
β˜‘ Using a mic stand as a slide.
☐ Blowing bubblegum bubbles. (Like Doyle.)
β˜‘ Drinking mid song.
β˜‘ Injuring a band mate by accident. (I chipped the lead-singer/bass player’s tooth.)
☐ Injuring a band mate on purpose.
β˜‘ Improvising a mic stand out of duct tape, a hockey stick, & gatorade bottles. (Hey, we were playing at a dek-hockey rink.)
☐ Playing on someone’s shoulders.
☐ Playing while someone is on your shoulders.
β˜‘ Playing from behind a wooden bear statue with the guitar on the front of the bear.
☐ Putting a lit cigarette under the strings in the headstock.
☐ The amp-hump. (Like Jimi.)
β˜‘Β The guitar-as-a-phallic-symbol air-hump. (Like Rex from the Lone Rangers Β in Airheads.)Β 
☐ The guitar toss – Badass edition. (Like PrinceΒ – also, check out the falling into the crowd move!!!)
☐ The guitar toss – Oops edition. (Like Prince with the borrowed Epiphone or Krist Novoselic on MTV.)
☐ The guitar toss – Someone else catches & starts playing.
☐ Smoke-bombs. (Like Ace Frehley.)
☐ Set Fire to the guitar. (Like Jimi.)
☐ The windmill. (Like Pete.)
β˜‘ The powerslide.
β˜‘ The failed powerslide.
☐ Swinging from the rafters. (Hard to do while actually playing? This dude did it.)
☐ The β€œβ€˜round the world” spin.
☐ The failed “round the world” spin.
β˜‘ Yelling out a second story window mid-set for people to come into the bar.
☐ The β€œnyah-nyah you can’t see me” EVHΒ turn-around.
☐ The flying karate kick.
β˜‘Β On the knees.
☐ On top of a piano. (Like Slash.)
β˜‘Β Dancing with the crowd.
β˜‘Β Duel of the Fates – using another musician’s fretboard as a slide.
β˜‘Β The salute – All in the air.
β˜‘Β The Poison-ish choreographed lean.
β˜‘Β Lean on a bandmate.
β˜‘Β Lean into a bandmate.

I know there are more. Β I know photos & videos exist of some of these with me. Β  I know this post canΒ get goofy. Please, I implore you to share your moves, including videos, animated gifs, and photos in the comments! Β This kind of stuff is hilariously entertaining to me.

What’s your favorite to do? Β What’s your favorite to watch? Β What have you copied? Β What have you invented? Β What did I miss on this list? Β Share your stories and images and favorite stuff from your favorite performers!

Now, for the self-indulgence: