Trick or Treat? How about both?

When I was a kid, and I went trick-or-treating… there were always a few memorable houses; The people that weren’t home but left a bowl of chips on the porch, the guy who gave out quarters (or 50¢ if your costume was “above an beyond”), and the guy who decorated his front porch like a haunted house and scared the crap out of you every year. The best was when he dressed as a scarecrow dummy and sat ridiculously still until your finger was just barely touching the doorbell and jumped up with a terrible scream.  I nearly filled my pants with fear at that place many a year.

That was fun.  Now that I’m of the old age where I need to pass out candy instead of collecting, I’d like to be that fun too.  Sadly, it seems to me that parents would get angry these days if I scared the bejesus out of their child.

I saw this comic online and thought it would be funny to set up shop on the front porch for Halloween:

Admiral Snackbar

Admiral Snackbar

Admiral Snackbar by Scott Johnson / EXTRALIFE (Twitter) (Flickr)

I don’t think I’ve grown out of wanting to wear costumes, and this looks like a good excuse.  All I need is some paint and an Ackbar mask.  Would you be creeped out to bring your kid up to get candy if Admiral Snackbar was set up, or would it be a cool memorable Halloween adventure?