There is hope for the future of America.

Hope indeed.Β  I laughed out loud.

The Clarks’ lead singer gets schooled at Shaler.Β  I found it rather amusing, so will a bunch of my local musician friends because we’re all haters.Β  No idea if this is real or not, but Mr. Madden was talking about it at the beginning of his show today.!/NickBuzzelli/status/149946580647149568!/NickBuzzelli/status/149949890347274241!/NickBuzzelli/status/149947628690489344!/NickBuzzelli/status/149947708298379265!/NickBuzzelli/status/149947830453288961

Ha.Β  I’d pay $5 to sit in homeroom & not go hear the guy from the Clarks if forced to.