So, in the spring I want to build an outdoor Matchbox car race track… πŸš—

How cool is this?

Since the bean house was a bit of a bust, maybe this will be a hit. Β It looks like it can get as complicated or remain as simple as you’d like. Β I have pinned a bunch of ideas. Β I’d like to include an area for construction vehicles… maybe tiny pebbles, not sand. Β I hate sand. Β I like the use of the tire in the one… and the dirt road, and tunnels.






I hope to snag a bunch of ideas online, specifically Pinterest I guess. Looks super fun for both kids, and me!

Have you done anything like this?


Muck Stuck Truck

Heh.Β  So, I got stuck in the mud today.Β  I found it amusing, thought you might too.Β  Without revealing what I do exactly or my employer, I can say I drive around a lot for a living.Β  I pulled off of a narrow country road to make way for a larger pickup with double-wide tires towing a trailer…Β  on to what I thought was a solid piece of land.Β  Turns out it was soggy muddy ground, sort of like quick sand.Β  I could feel the truck slowly tipping as soon as I pulled over.Β  I tried to rock back & forth in 4WD to get out, but didn’t want to bang the underside of the truck off of the edge of the road.Β  Luckily some other guys I work with were just a phone call & a few minutes away, and towed me out without incident.Β  A local also stopped to see if I was OK, and another guy working in the area did the same & even let me use his cell phone booster to make a call where my signal was weak.

So, if you’re ever in a bind, don’t panic.Β  People who are generally willing to help out are out there.