So, they call it a Babymoon…

Apparently the newest annoying word for some time away is Babymoon.  It’s better than Daycation or Staycation, but still annoying.  The word is annoying, but the actual time away isn’t.  With the impending arrival getting closer and closer, many online pregnancy-related websites & email lists suggest taking a babymoon.  This goes especially for first time parents, as a nice little last fling before all of your apparent freedoms disappear.

We decided a while ago that a nice little getaway to a cabin would be the way to go.  We have been tent camping at Forest Ridge Cabins and Campgrounds before, but had never tried out the cabins.  They always looked quite inviting.  The campground itself is always clean, and the owners are quite hospitable.  The prices are competitive with other places that we checked out online, and really quite affordable.  Important for the babymoon aspect, it’s not that far away.  Cabins are our thing now I guess… since we honeymooned in one in Gatlinburg, TN.  It all just seemed to make sense.

We booked the date a while ago, assuming that since it was spring we’d have a nice warm weekend.  It was a nice weekend, but there was about 5 inches of snow on the ground, and the temperature never got much above freezing.

We stayed in the Allegheny cabin, and it was warm & cozy inside.  We brought along some DVD‘s, cooked some s’mores (with peanut butter cups) around the campfire, and just had a nice relaxing weekend.  The kitchen was stocked with all kinds of cookware and utensils, we made a nice steak dinner on Saturday.  I also made a friend in Oliver, one of the campground cats.  He strolled up as I was waiting for the last log to burn out on the campfire, then followed me up on the porch to hang out a but on top of the hot tub cover.  He liked to look in the window at us, then look away when he saw that we were looking at him.

I think we’ve decided that Forest Ridge is “our place” as far as camping when we’re not going camping at Living Waters.

Check out Forest Ridge on Facebook, Twitter, & Yelp, and check out some of our photos…

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes has been popping up over & over on my radar lately.  It was such an incredible strip, and Bill Watterson was awesome for taking such control of his creation.  No Saturday morning cartoons ruining your interpretation of Hobbes, no live action travesties like the Garfield movies.  No licensing, no over-saturation, no Calvin air fresheners.  Just pure, simple, beautifully drawn comic panels with wisdom & wit out the wazoo.

Not that there haven’t been countless Calvin and Hobbes bootleg T-shirts, and the notorious “Calvin peeing” stickers that could express your distaste for anything from a car make to a political figure.  Bill Watterson encouraged me to look at both sides of every issue, taught me many things about friendships, and taught me all about artistic integrity.

Imagination is a powerful tool, and morbid snowmen are the funniest things ever.  I still need to get The Complete Calvin and Hobbes one of these days.

Here are some fun things I’ve found lately:


Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery

Snow Sharks

Calvin & Hobbes Snowman Cartoons


Calvin and Hobbes | Snowmen

Shameless plugs notwithstanding, there’s also the AiXeLsyD song:

And, the “better” quality audio:

Calvin and Hobbes AiXeLsyD – “Calvin & Hobbes”

Please, share your favorite Calvin and Hobbes images, sites, memories, books, quotes, panels, strips, etc. in the comments below!

I’ll start a board on Pinterest.