Women in rock?

While on Tumblr, I found an interesting post that I just couldn’t shut up about…

It’s about women in rock.  I dug the sentiment, but I dunno if I agree with the premise.  So, check out the original

The girls onstage. The ones who might never play a major tour, the ones trying to grab some attention in a shitty bar, the ones who hear “show us your tits,” the ones who had better be traditionally attractive or no one wants to hear what they have to say, the ones who scream lyrics to a crowd…

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and my thoughts:

I enjoyed this post, but is it really still unfair for women in rock n’ roll?  Some of my favorite bands are The Eyeliners, The Donnas, The Teen Idols, and Dance Hall Crashers… all successful women in rock.  Even locally, we have the Motorpsychos… I certainly wouldn’t mess with them.  And, one of my favorite locals was Sing the Evens, Play the Odds.  I never once thought “Oh, there’s girls in this band, so I’m not going to take them seriously.”

I think all musicians are objectified to some level, no matter their gender.  My wife would jump Bret Michaels in a second if we weren’t married and he wasn’t a giant walking STD.  A guy screaming “show us your tits” is pretty much on par with a teenage girl yelling “I love you” to Justin Beiber… just slightly more vulgar.

A female friend of ours once asked my wife about me “Doesn’t it get you hot to see him up there with a guitar?”  Her answer was a resounding no… but apparently it got our friend excited.  Ha ha ha.  Should I be insulted?

What do you think?

Episode II: Crapplebee’s Writes Back

Did you read my Crapplebee’s post, and the AllergyEats blog post that it referred you to?  (Really, check out all the comments, especially from AEPaul about the posts at aceliaconthemove.blogspot.com!) Okay, then you’re ready to read this.

Well, maybe read one more thing… the latest blog from AllergyEats with the response from Applebee’s.  It’s awesome to know that there are others out there that share my affinity for writing letters/emails to companies and getting stupid responses.  I encourage you to let AllergyEats know that you want to see it pursued further.  I want to encourage you to pursue it yourself.  Write emails, write letters, write blogs, make phone calls, blog, tweet,  Digg it, post on Facebook or to the 3 people left on MySpace that aren’t bands, Tumblr, re-blog, re-tweet, re-Tumblr this until it gets out an annoys everyone and not just Applebee’s.

While Paul at AllergyEats dissects the message in his own way, I would like to translate the response as I read it:

Dear AllergyEats Subscribers,

“Dear people that we could really care less about,”

We recognize the importance of making sure our food-allergic guests have safe options they can enjoy at their neighborhood Applebee’s.

“We’re saying that we recognize that the food-allergic need to have safe options, but we don’t feel the need to mention any specific allergies or options.  While we recognize the importance, we’re also not saying that we’re doing anything about it.”

Food allergies are a serious concern, and we are working to improve how we accommodate the needs of our FA-guests.

“We’re telling you that food allergies are a serious concern, even though they’re clearly not because it hasn’t yet affected our profits.  We’re also telling you we’re ‘working to improve’, and again failing to mention any specifics”

Depending on the food allergy, we do offer different menu items that are appropriate options, or that can be prepared without the allergic food.

“We obviously didn’t read your blog, because you were told something quite different by your server and manager, about how there was butter all over the grill & absolutely no way to accommodate you.”

We recommend that you talk with your server or restaurant manager about the allergy, and how your meal is prepared, to help ensure your dining experience is safe.

“This is another way of letting you know that we didn’t read or comprehend your blog… or don’t have all that great of a grasp on the English language, because you already tried what we just recommended, and it most certainly did not work out for you.”

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention — we value the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.

“We’re not going to follow up with the server & manager from that store who are obviously unaware of our apparent policies, because we really really really don’t care.”



“Full of Shit, Applebee’s (The newly sentient restaurant chain, now capable of writing letters.)”  –  Seriously.  They couldn’t even sign their name or provide some contact information for a follow up?

I think I may just have to write to Applebee’s myself.

Big Bang Theory

I love that show.  That’s all really.  Saw this via Tumblr

...one is for ruling the seven seas.

It made me laugh.

Top 25 Star Wars Fight Scenes

If you’re not following Distracted By Star Wars somewhere, then you’re missing cool stuff like this:

Mashi88 | Top 25 STAR WARS Fight Scenes

…and you should really be ashamed of yourself.

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you! Nothing like a good pun.  I’m (obviously, I guess) a STAR WARS fan, and I figured other people that have come here to read this blog for whatever reason probably are too.  So, I wanted to share some fun Star Wars related stuff today.

First off, we have Anchorhead.  You’ll especially dig this if you’re a fan of metal…

I’ve collected some audio from the web since I can’t seem to find the stuff anywhere for actual sale.  If you’re interested in some other geeky Star Wars related songs, check out this thread with some links to Bentframe, MC Chris, and more.

Star Wars Rocks

Star Wars Rocks

Then there are some cool STAR WARS related websites that I’ve been checking out regularly lately via Tumblr & Twitter…

And, shameless plugs…

Check ’em out!

And, if you’ve never seen Star Wars… this is an explanation of the movies by someone like yourself…

R2-D2 Hat

He seems to have found the droid he was looking for

I saw this a while ago thanks to DBSW (who apparently got it here), and I instantly commented on twitter or tumblr that I wanted one of those hats.

Thanks to newageamazon who posted the link to the pattern!

I thought I was going to have to learn to knit, but my wife Bethany has volunteered to step in and take over the knitting.  Not that I’d mind learning to knit if I could turn out awesome hats like this…

Carissa Knits: R2-D2 Beanie

How freakin’ awesome is that hat?  Seriously.  It’ll have to go into rotation with the Misfits, Flogging Molly, & Pens ones that I’m always sporting in cold weather.

Photo from the Pens game last night…

Got a good shot from my cell phone last night at the start of the 3rd period.  tumblr treats your photos a lot better than Facebook…

Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins - 02/01/2010 (Mellon Arena)

We were sitting in section D23.  Not bad for a cell phone camera, eh?

Oh yeah, the Pens won.


I’m posting to everything via email thanks to Posterous… just checking it out to see what it’s all about.  Apparently, you can throw anything at it via email attachments, and it deals with it on its own… and I’ve set it up to post to Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, and Flickr on its own.It’s really easy.  all I’m looking for is some consolidation.  I’d ask for MySpace support if anyone used that any more… but Photobucket support would be cool… as well as importing UrbanSpoon reviews – although, that may be there and I just haven’t found it yet.

Perhaps this out to be the way that Fast Food Fail is handled?

I’m going to attach some totally unrelated stuff, just to see what happens with it.

I wonder if it handles formatted text better than WordPress?

It will apparently even embed video from YouTube if you just provide the URL…

…and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

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Two Of A Kind by Gasoline Dion
Download now or listen on posterous

02 – Two of a Kind.mp3 (3522 KB)

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A lot more people are using tumblr.  I’ve had an account for a while, but haven’t really used it much.  I don’t know if I’m completely comfortable with the concept yet.  I feel like I’m not using it to its full potential, but I haven’t really put that much time & effort into it.

In the mean time, I’m using it to regurgitate my tweets, some other stuff,  and now this blog.  I think I have it posting to Facebook if I create original content there, too.

I actually have two tumblr accounts rolled into one.  One for me… AiXeLsyD13; and one tied to this blog, WorldAndLunarDomination.  I’d be flattered if you would like to follow me or just the blog (or both) via tumblr if you’re an avid user.  Maybe I can get some tips/advice from you.

You can get me here…