Great storytelling.

Check out Omawarisan’s tales…

I found them amusing, and wanted to share.  I’ve linked to his stuff many times before.  Have you ever had any moments like this?

Deutsch: Ein syrischer MAN-LKW beim Transport ...


An Ernie and the Berts update!

Ernie and the Berts

Yes, we’re recording a demo.  Yes, we’ve got some ridiculously excellent shows coming up.  Yes, we have crazy contests.  Yes, an actual album to be recorded & pressed is about to be funded.  Yes, we have crazy coded messages.  Yes, we have the coolest fans ever.

There’s one more thing Ernie wants you to do.  Join the email list!

There’s some absolutely ingenious stuff going on behind the curtain thanks to Ernie’s sheer dedication to complete and total insanity surrounding this band and our special brand of punk-ish yet poppy dirty rock n’ roll.

We hope to bring actual exclusive news & content to the list, as well as reminders of shows, events, more merch, contests and more!

If you have some extra cash and want a crazy reward, many are still available on our kickstarter page… get ’em before Sat. Oct. 15th

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