Succulent Turtle 🐒🌱

Succulent Turtle 🐒🌱

Succulent Turtle 🐒🌱

Have you seen the succulent turtles on pinterest? Β I thought they were neat, so I wanted to make one. Β There are plenty of sites with instructions, try these three:

…If you’re interested. Β Really though, I bet you could figure it out from the pictures.



I used what we had around. Β I just bought a bit of potting & garden soil which I already needed for the vegetable garden. Β I used an old hanging basket, door screen, two different types of wire mesh that I had in the back yard, and some zip-ties. Β I had planned on using chicken-wire, but the other stuff seemed better suited to the task.

I did have to buy the plants. Β Anyone have any hens and chicks to hand over?



Also, I didn’t have four little flower pots… only two. Β But, I had an old branch, nails, glue, and a chainsaw… so Timmy the Turtle got wooden legs.

At least I can say I have used the potting bench.

If you make one, be sure to share your photo in the comments! Β Next time I’ll have to get sculpting with the chicken wire, and make a Bantha or a Tauntaun.




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