Dethlehem – ”Circle of Deth” Video

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4 thoughts on “Dethlehem – ”Circle of Deth” Video

  1. Check out a cool review of the album from:

    Courtesy of “The Professor” Jim Price!

    DETHLEHEM – THE GHORUSALEM CODEX VOL. 2: OF MAGICK & TYRANNY (no label) Swords and sorcery, dungeons and dragons, knights, castles, demons, goblins, beasts, spells, battles, elements of classic and thrash metal music, and a touch of Monty Python and the Holy Grail-styled chicanery converge on The Ghorusalem Codex Vol. 2: Of Magick & Tyranny, the sophomore studio outing from ambitious Pittsburgh-based fantasy rockers Dethlehem. Picking up where their 2009 debut, The Ghorusalem Codex Vol. 1: Enthroned Upon a Spire, left off; the armor-clad ‘warriors’ of Dethlehem – lead singer/snarler Lord Bonecrush, axe-wielders Hildor Anduv and Bovice, bassist Davidicus the Black and drummer Overlord Brom – mix bone-jarring metal music and theatric narrative to present a story of rendering justice upon the evil forces that destroyed and massacred their home villages. The songs guide listeners through this quest, with the narratives introducing characters and plot twists along the way. The majestic-toned opener “Glorious Treasures” reaffirms the warriors’ mission while inviting the audience to join them on their new quest. After discovering the massacre and destruction during the ensuing interlude, the pursuit of answers begins on the thrash fests “Keeper” and “Valley of the Blades.” Another interlude points the collective of warriors onto the trail of the evildoers, played out on “Spelljammer” and “Circle of Deth.” A strange visitor provides Dethlehem the key to ultimate victory, resolved through the Iron Maiden-flavored “Sky Palace of the Dragonriders,” “Hypergates of Infinitude,” and the climactic “Last Rites of Dregmour” and “Portals.” Musically, the songs are often complex and multi-faceted, with frequent chord and tempo shifts, harmony guitar leads and arrangements, interchanging angles of metallic virtuosity and aggression, and Lord Bonecrush’s rapid fire shifts between operatic wailing and visceral snarling. The story line and dramatic interludes are imaginative albeit campy, and reveal that Dethlehem never take themselves too seriously over the course of this episode. Produced and mixed by Patrick Lammie, The Ghorusalem Codex Vol. 2 is cohesive and consistent, and the overall presentation enables Dethlehem to bare their blades and bring their imaginative creations to fruition. The Ghorusalem Codex Vol. 2: Of Magick & Tyranny is ultimately a satisfying metal music adventure, as Dethlehem takes listeners into their own conceptual fantasy world. Can the Dethlehem video game be far behind? (The CD can be purchased through the group’s website,


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