Food Allergy Buzz | Shellfish Allergies at the Beach

Just saw a cool tweet this morning, linking to an article from Food Allergy Buzz called Shellfish Allergies at the Beach.  It excites me because 95% of the time I see a food allergy related article, it involved peanuts or wheat/gluten, and the other 4% of the time it’s tree nuts or lactose intolerance.

Basically, it’s asking those of us afflicted about our beach fears.  I hope it sparks some discussion, and I’d like to find more of us out there!

I had never really thought about the possibility of swallowing a brine shrimp while in the ocean or being pinched by a crab and what might happen…  Heh.  I know I have handled hermit crabs without incident, and even went crab fishing when I was younger with no issues…  I just can’t eat the things.

My issues with going to the beach (besides being a bit overweight and a pasty/chalky white under my T-shirt line) mainly revolve around finding places to eat that don’t serve some kind of shrimp, crab, lobster, oyster, clam, mussel, or calamari dish.  It’s damn near impossible… whether it’s a bar, a road-side or boardwalk stand, or (of course) fine dining… it’s inescapable.

Anxiety over potential cross-contamination is a normal issue for me, but it goes up to 11 at the beach.

2 thoughts on “Food Allergy Buzz | Shellfish Allergies at the Beach

  1. I was just diagnosed with a shellfish allergy after having a severe reation on a cruise ship. I am 47, have been eating shellfish my entire life and all of a sudden developed this new food allergy. Any ideas of how I can find out more about this or of any blogs where I can talk to others who are going through the same thing. I don’t eat red meat always order fish or shellfish of some kind at resturants. Now I am faced with living a life of chicken only… help!


    • Wow… how did you end up pinning the reaction on the shellfish from the cruise ship? My suggestion for a first step (if you haven’t done so already) is to get to an allergy doctor in your area ASAP. They can run several types of tests & narrow it down for you.

      I know that according to the doctors I’ve talked to, an new allergy can develop at any time… so while this is crazy, it’s not unheard of.

      As far as finding other places to talk about it online, I myself even find it difficult to find a specific shellfish-allergy board. There are general allergy message boards out there, broken down into categories (generally of the top 8).

      I have also found a large food-allergy community on Twitter. You can follow my “Allergies” list if you use Twitter at all. Perhaps I can reach out to them to ask about message boards for help!


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