Pittsburgh Chipped Ham BBQ

Pittsburgh Chipped Ham BBQ.

This is how we had chipped ham BBQ when I was growing up…

It was put in a pot on the stove & just heated until it was ready.  It has to be Heinz, it has to be Coke (No Pepsi, RC Cola, or Faygo.)

None of the pre-made sauce either.

It needs to go on a nice roll, like Cellone’s.  I never added cheese as a kid, but I like it with a nice Swiss or Brick cheese these days.

I’ve done a large amount of this in a crock pot… several pounds of meat, then eye the ketchup & Coke.

Chipped Ham BBQ

Pittsburgh Style Chipped Ham BBQ

9 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Chipped Ham BBQ

  1. LOVE this stuff! It’s so yum… But to get it right here, I have to be very specific about asking for ham. They don’t get chipped ham. I have to ask for the Isaly’s ham, shaved. Weird.


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