Playlist by the numbers

Lars Frederiksen

Lars Frederiksen

The other day I plugged my crappy old Insignia Pilot into the truck stereo’s auxiliary input,  & I started playing the songs on my trusty & hardly ever updated mp3 player in order by song title.  I have no idea why I decided to take it off of “random”, but I did.  (Sadly, my 500 GB hard drive has stopped working and unless it’s fixed I’ll lose a TON of music, so whatever this Best Buy generic brand mp3 player holds may be it for my collection for a while!)

I thought that “song titles that start with numbers” would be a pretty cool playlist.  I’d thought I’d share some of my favorites.

I noticed I’m missing a song that starts with 8.  Ha ha.  What songs would you put on your numbers playlist?  Dig any of these?

Insignia Pilot

Insignia Pilot

16 thoughts on “Playlist by the numbers

  1. “Eight Days a Week” – Beatles

    “867-6309 (Jenny)” – Tommy Tutone

    “99 Ways to Die” – Megadeth

    “96 Tears” – ? and the Mysterians

    “99 Problems” – Jay Z

    “16 Candles” – The Crest

    “99 Red Balloons” – Goldfinger

    “99 Luftballons” / “99 Red Balloons” – Nena

    “18 and Life” – Skid Row

    “3rd Man In” – Dropkick Murphys


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