Peculiarly Perplexing Path [Maze]

Have no fear!  I’ve only slowed down with the mazes, I haven’t stopped.  I’m waiting for some of you to catch up with me. That’s right, I need more solutions!

I used smaller paper with this one, so I don’t think it’s as large/complicated as the last few.

If you’ve attempted & completed a solution, send a photo or scan to me at, or post a link to it in the comments here.

Peculiarly Perplexing Path [Maze]

Peculiarly Perplexing Path (Maze)

7 thoughts on “Peculiarly Perplexing Path [Maze]

  1. Well we had to try that maze and my older son has figured it out! I’ll email his solution to you. I think it took him about a half hour but he was very determined. Thanks for the challenge!


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