Dey Mylan’s irresponsible TV ad and its possible consequences…

Food allergy parents & patients… Brace yourself, then watch this:

Dey Pharma (Mylan) must have handed full control over to their ad company, & not approved (or even watched) the commercial.  That’s the only scenario I can possibly accept.  They certainly could not have come up with this… could they?

Is it loaded? - Food Allergy Cartoon

Is it loaded? - Food Allergy Cartoon (Another great one from Tiffany!)

They didn’t notice that it contradicts their own patient information not to mention common sense?

If they did run it knowingly, I’m going to talk to my doctor about switching brands to TwinJect unless they issue some sort of retraction or apology.

It is wholly irresponsible to convey the EpiPen as a fail safe live-saving device allowing you to disregard caution and eat foods with unknown ingredients.  To clear it up for the non-educated (and Dey Pharma/Mylan):

  • Epinephrine does not work every time.
  • Epinephrine buys you time until the ambulance can arrive or until you can get to  hospital for proper medical treatment.
  • Epinephrine is not a “cure” for knowingly eating your allergen or cross contamination.

The worst part is it’s already difficult enough to convey the severity of food allergies to people who aren’t afflicted… and to impress the very rules above in addition to why you can’t “just try a little” or how scary cross contamination can be.

This commercial is ignorant, and it spreads ignorance.

Get informed here:

Let Dey know (& let Mylan know) how upset you are!

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EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing de...

EpiPens are portable epinephrine-dispensing devices which can be used to alleviate the symptoms of severe, acute allergies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

25 thoughts on “Dey Mylan’s irresponsible TV ad and its possible consequences…

  1. FAI and FAAN are going to be meeting with Mylan tomorrow I have been told. Mylan had better make this right or I think a lot of people will consider switching brands of injectable epinephrine. It feels like such a betrayal. PS – Food allergy dads should brace themselves too… my husband was devastated by this commercial as well.


    • This is true… I was being a little sexist… I interact with the FoodAllergyMomArmy a lot on Twitter. Ha ha.

      I’m upset, and I’m a patient myself. No kids!

      FAI and FAAN are involved? I look for a quick resolution then!


  2. I agree w/ Tiffany — this is a great wrap-up on the situation. Eric, I love that you used Tiffany’s cartoon. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the meeting between FAI, FAAN & Mylan.


    • Tiffany’s cartoons are in my rss reader, so I see (& enjoy!) every one. They’re great reminders that even though we feel like we’re alone, we’re not.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed the wrap-up!

      I’m also really interested to see what happens after the meeting today. Will there be apologies? Will faces be red? Will heads roll? Will nothing change?


  3. Our allergist, who is on the FAAN medical board said he heard the ad was being pulled: “I just heard from the FAAN office and they said that Mylan will be pulling the commercial on EPI-PEN today… Apparently, they are going to extensively modify the commercial and said that FAAN may review the content before launching again later this summer. This will be a good thing!!! You can pass this information along…” Dr. John James”
    I also read some of the transcripts from their investor call earlier this year; it looks like we will be seeing a lot more advertisements. They believe the market for auto injectors is very underdeveloped. They even think new competition won’t hurt them, since it will just grow the overall market, and they have such a huge market share.


  4. So, Mylan released a statement. Here it is from The Allergist Mom’s Facebook page:

    Hello friends!
    Good news. Mylan will be pulling the ad! Here is Mylan’s official statement. Please share!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mylan Specialty is committed to raising anaphylaxis awareness and preparedness among people directly affected by life-threatening allergies and our advertising efforts play an important role in increasing awareness. However, Mylan Specialty has heard the concerns from the allergy community about our most recent television ad, and we take them seriously.

    Mylan Specialty recognizes that allergen avoidance is a critical first step to all anaphylaxis management plans and would never intentionally suggest otherwise.

    Unfortunately, despite best efforts, unintentional exposure to allergens happens, and yet less than 10% of patients at risk for anaphylaxis are carrying an epinephrine auto-injector.

    In light of this, the intent of our “Max’s Birthday” advertisement is to generate greater awareness for anaphylaxis and remind parents about the importance of always having an epinephrine auto-injector readily available for children at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions.

    Mylan Specialty values the relationships we have built within the allergy community and appreciates the insights provided by patients, parents, physicians and advocates for those living with life-threatening allergies.

    Mylan Specialty has stopped airing the ad while we make modifications to address the feedback we have received.


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